3 x Zxtech Halo White CCTV Camera 4CH 5MP Analog CCTV Kit Camera System

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Plug & Play super HD 5 Megapixel CCTV Kit comes with 3x cameras, 4 Channel recorder and all cables and accessories. System records ultra clear HD videos enabled by Sony Starvis security Chip. Built-in AI face and body detection takes motion detection and mobile alert to the next level. Waterproof and Vandal proof design with the help of strong infrared night vision CCTV camera lens makes the system great for both indoor and outdoor. 6TB hard drive storage capacity allows weeks of high quality recording. Easily setup the live streaming on the phone to remotely view on the go.

Product Overview

5MP Plug & Play Zxtech 5in1 CCTV system. This system records at 5 Megapixel per Channel. Night vision reach as far as 20 Metres. Installs up to 1x6TB Hard Drive. Connect up to 4 AHD and Analog cameras with this Recorder. Universal compatibility with all BNC type cameras. Super HD is the only way forward. By using an AHD camera sensor and a high power Sony Starvis chipset, your camera captures a smooth video stream which is transmitted to your CCTV monitor in real- time. The system allows you to connect up to 4 AHD analog security cameras. Supports facial recognition, motion detection and remote access through your smartphone or tablet.

What's in the Box

  • 3 x Zxtech Halo White CCTV Camera
  • 1 x 4CH Onyx 4K Hybrid Video Recorder
  • 2 x 10M cable, 1 x 20M cable and 1 x 2M Cable
  • power adaptors, power splitter
  • Optional HDD and Monitor

System Feature

  • 5 Megapixel resolution (2592*1944) picture quality
  • Recorder supports AI functions such as face comparison up to 1 channel video stream face Comparison (1 face databases with 10 face images)
  • Cameras has embedded Sony Starvis Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor giving you a confidence
  • New generation IR for even better night vision
  • Plug and Play BNC connection compatible with Analog AHD TVI
  • Waterproof cameras can be installed indoor or outdoor
  • 2.8 mm fixed lens for nearly 100 degrees viewing angle
  • Remote access with free mobile app in few simple steps
  • IR Cut allowing only natural light to pass through creating beautiful footages
  • Motion detection and mobile notification alert

Modern Compact Design. Do It Yourself. Easy setup and installation

Zxtech is involved in every part of the product development. From blueprint, 2D conception, 3D rendering and mould creation. We make sure our badge is printed on a product which we are proud to sell and proud to show our friend and family. We want our product not only be beautiful but also functional, flexible and future-proof. Simply plug your cameras to the back of the recorder using the two lead BNC+DC cable included in the package. Connect the BNC outputs from your cameras into the BNC inputs on the rear of the DVR. Connect your cameras to power, using power splitter (if included). Connect the power supply to a wall outlet. Connect the DC 12V Output from the power supply to the power input.

4 Channel 4K Hybrid Recorder DVR

Much better than the traditional analog system. New generation DVR along with motion detection and masking supports AI functions such as face detection- up to 1 channel video stream face Comparison (1 face databases with 10 face images)

Beautiful design

New generation pure 4K and 5MP is now landed on Analog CCTV. Meet your requirement with our new range, compact design and long-lasting quality products. Zxtech Team creates this special edition kits, suitable for home or professionals. The recorder supports up to 4 Analog CCTV cameras and makes it desirable for many people. 5MP CCTV cameras suitable for indoor or outdoor. The recorder itself support up to 8MP 4K Analog CCTV Cameras.

New era in CCTV. Purity and Power. 2.5x Sharper than 1080p

Analog AHD TVI CCTV Camera System worths the investment. The kit offers real 5MP AHD quality because of the integrated 5MP Sony Starvis Chip inside. The recorder itself support up to 8MP 4K Analog AHD Cameras. Zxtech knows that human face and license plate recognition requires high resolution and a very good angle to capture them. With our Zxtech 5MP Halo AHD CCTV Cameras your chance to get what you need is very big. Beautiful colour at the day and great vision at the night.

Great Night Vision. SONY Starvis Chipset. Facial Comparison

This camera is equipped with new Infrared LEDs makes invisible, visible. Equipped with Sony Starvis 5MP Sensor the camera produces more than 5 million pixels. Extreme performance and 5MP Super HD Quality. DVR supports 1 channel video stream face comparison (1 face databases with 10 face images). New Firmware Smart XVR, supports face detection and humanoid alarm. If privacy is important to you, you probably will like this recorder. Innovative, more advanced AI software.

Increase your Access Capabilities using smartphone access. Motion Detection, Alerts, Schedule and Masking as standard

By a simple step, you can watch footage on all smart devices you have got, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, PC, laptops, computers. Want to remotely watch your system while you are away, Zxtech can do that. Simply download Bitvision mobile app on your smartphone, scan the QR code from your recorder or camera and you will be connected. Everything you need in 3 easy steps adding convenience so you can use your CCTV in fullest capacity. You can configure your system to record when there are movements detected. This will reduce the time spend looking into your footage and also will save you space on the hard drive so will be able to prolong the recordings. Utilise the extremely flexible scheduling preference. Tell the DVR what time of the day, or which day of the week to record. Enabling motion you will be able to se push image notification on your mobile app. No, unnecessary alerting during the time you are there, no unnecessary recording when you do not need it. Alternatively, you can just turn it on 24/7

Analog AHD CCTV System, get an All-in-One Security Camera Kit

Analog AHD CCTV Kit for easy installation, indeed plug and play. We made this system as easier as possible for any home or business. New era in CCTV 5MP Plug and Play Super HD Analog CCTV.

Put a schedule on, leave space out. Advanced Software

The GDPR is in effect so you can protect people privacy when using CCTV equipment. Hidding part of the picture and anonymizing blanking out part of the scene that is not important to you. Get a mobile notification when it detects motion in your scene. This system works with effective video management system. Connectivity and configuration is simple and user friendly. Viewing, Replay, Control, Alert and Intelligent Settings. Updated software for more convenience and easy to use

Tech Specs

Camera Specs

Image Sensor: 1/2.8'' SONY Starvis Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor
Resolution:5MP: 2592*1944; 4MP:2560*1440; 2MP: 1920*1080
Electronic Shutter Time:Auto
Scanning System:Progressive
Focus Length:Board lens 2.8mm
Focus Control:Fixed
Lens Type:Fixed
Infrared LED:14µ x 18pcs
Infrared Distance:20m
IR Status:AGC Auto Control
OSD Menu Language:Yes
White Balance:Auto/ Manual
Gain Control:Auto
Noise Reduction:DNR
Power Source:DC 12V, 550mA
Dimension:93*74 (H) mm

DVR Specs

Main Processor:HI3520DV400
Operating System:Embedded LINUX
Video Input:Normal Mode: Default: 4*(AHD/TVI/CVI:8M; TVI/AHD: 5M; AHD/TVI/CVI: 4M; AHD/TVI: 3M; AHD/TVI/CVI: 1080P/720P; Analog: 960H) + 2*network(MAX 5MP)
Analog+Network: 2*Analog(AHD/TVI/CVI:8M; TVI/AHD: 5M; AHD/TVI/CVI: 4M; AHD/TVI: 3M; AHD/TVI/CVI: 1080P/720P; Analog: 960H)+ 7*network(MAX 5MP)
Lite Mode:
Default: 4*(TVI/AHD: 5M; AHD/TVI/CVI: 4M; AHD/TVI: 3M; AHD/TVI/CVI: 1080P/720P; Analog: 960H)+2*network(MAX 5MP)
Analog+Network: 2*Analog(TVI/AHD: 5M; AHD/TVI/CVI: 4M; AHD/TVI: 3M; AHD/TVI/CVI: 1080P/720P; Analog: 960H)+7*network(MAX 5MP)
Network: 16*5MP/4MP/3MP/1080P/960P/720P(Total incoming bandwidth <48M)
Signal Type:Analog/AHD/TVI2.0/TVI3.0/CVI/Network
Output:1HD, 1VGA, 1CVBS
Alarm Input:4CH
Alarm Output:1CH
Audio Input:2 CH , RCA
Audio Output:1CH
Motion Detection:4 Channel(max 16 Channel in pure network mode)
Trigger Events:Recording, Email, Screen tips, Buzzer, Push notifications(motion detection)
Email Alarm:Image to The Designated E-mail
Face Comparison:1 channel video stream face Comparison(1 face databases with 10 face images)
Protocol:Pelco-D, Pelco-P
VGA:1920 x 1080P/60Hz, 1280 x 1024/60Hz, 1280 x 720/60Hz,1024 x 768/60Hz
HD Output:1920 x 1080P/60Hz, 1280 x 1024/60Hz, 1280 x 720/60Hz,1024 x 768/60Hz
Display Split:16 Channel/ 9 Channel/ 4 Channel / 1 Channel
Privacy Masking:3 Rectangular Zones (Each camera)
OSD:Camera title, Time, Video loss, Alarm, Motion detection, Recording
Video Compression:H.265/H.265+/H.264/H.264+
Audio Compression:G.711u/G.711a
Resolution:5MP(2592x1944), 8MP_LITE(1920x2160), 5MP_HALF(1296x1944), 4MP(2560x1440), 4MP_HALF(1280x1440), 3MP(2048x1536), 3MP_Lite(1024x1536), 1080P(1920x1080), 720P(1280x720), 960H(P:960x576/N:960x480)
Record RateNormal Mode: Analog:
PAL:8MP_LITE(1920x2160 4*8fps), 5MP(2592×1944 4*6fps), 5MP_HALF(1296x1944 4*10fps),4MP(2560x1440 4*8fps),4MP_HALF(1280x1440 4*15fps),3MP(2048x1536 4*9fps),3MP_Lite(1024x1536 4*18fps), 1080P(1920x1080 4*15fps),720P(1280x720 4*25fps), 960H(960x576 4*25fps)
NTSC:8MP_LITE(1920x2160 4*8fps), 5MP(2592x1944 4*6fps), 5MP_HALF(1296x1944 4*10fps), 4MP(2560x1440 4*8fps), 4MP_HALF(1280x1440 4*15fps),3MP(2048x1536 4*9fps), 3MP_Lite(1024x1536 4*18fps), 1080P(1920x1080 4*15fps),720P(1280x720 4*25fps), 960H(960x480 4*25fps)
Lite Mode:
PAL:5MP_Lite(1296x1944 4*10fps), 4MP_Lite(1280x1440 4*15fps),3MP_Lite(1024x1536 4*18fps), 1080N(960x1080 4*25fps), 720P(1280x720 4*25fps), 960H(960x480 4*25fps)
NTSC: 5MP_Lite(1296×1944 4*10fps),4MP_Lite(1280x1440 4*15fps),3MP_Lite(1024x1536 4*18fps),1080N(960x1080 4*25fps),720P(1280x720 4*25fps), 960H(960x480 4*30fps)
Pure IP(H.265):
PAL: 5MP@8x25fps, 4MP@12x25fps, 3MP@12x25fps, 1080P@16x25fps, 960P@16x25fps, 720P@16x25fps, D1@16x25fps
NTSC: 5MP@8x30fps,4MP@12x30fps,3MP@12x30fps,1080P@16x30fps, 960P@16x30fps, 720P@16x30fps, D1@16x30fps
Record Mode:Manual\Timer\Motion Detection\AI Alarm\Alarm Input
Decode Capability:2CH 1080P@30fps
Sync Playback:Pure Analog: 4CH 5M@6fps, 4CH 8M_Lite@8fps, 4CH 4M@8fps, 4CH 3M@9fps, 4CH 1080p@15fps, 4CH 1080N@25fps
Mix Mode: 1CH 5M@30fps, 1CH 4M@30fps, 1CH 3M@30fps, 2CH 1080P@30fps, 4CH 1080p@15fps
Pure IPC: 1CH 5MP@30fps, 1CH 4MP@30fps, 1CH 3M@30fps, 4CH 1080P@15fps, 2CH 1080P@30fps, 4CH 960P@30fps, 4CH 720P@30fps
Remote Playback:4 Channel / 1Channel
Search Mode:ALL, Channel, Manual, Time, Date, Motion Detection
Playback Functions:Play, Pause, Stop, Fast play, Slow play, Rewind, Single frame forward/back, Digital Zoom, Full screen
Smart Phone Playback:4 Channel
Backup Mode:USB Device(with fomat FAT 32 )/Network/FTP
Network Interface:1 RJ45 10M/100M Adaptive Ethernet Interface
DDNS:Dyndns, changeip, no-ip, Oray, A-PRESS, MYQSEE, SKDDNS, SMART-EYES, ZEBEYE
Web Browser:IE8-11, Google Chrome (lower than Ver44), Firefox (lower than Ver53)
CMS Software:Support Windows 7/ Windows 8/Windows 10
Extra Stream:CIF/D1(1-30fps)
Smart Phone:iPhone, ipad, Android ,Android pad Hard Disk Driver Interface Type 1 SATA Interface
Capacity:1 SATA Hard Disk (2.5"/3.5" SATA, Up to 6TB
Language:Chinese, English, Polish, Czech, Russian, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic, Bulgarian, German, French, Portuguese, Turkic, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian, korean, Dutch, Greek, Japanese
UTC Control:YES
USB Interface:2 USB 2.0 Interfaces
Power consumption:DC 12V/2A <6W (Without Hard Disk)
Dimension (WxDxH):260*215*43(m)
More Information
ConditionBrand New
CCTV Product TypeKit
Max Recorder Channel4 Channel
Power SourceDC
Max HDD Size Per Slot6TB
Max HDD Capacity6TB
Night Vision20M
Recording Resolution5MP
System TypeAHD, TVI, CVI
Cameras Included3
Lens TypeFixed
Focus ControlFixed
Shape TypeDome
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