Hikvision PoE Kit

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Full HD Hikvision PoE CCTV Kits

Hikvision is one of the most reliable NVR Recorders. Zxtech is one of the most affordable, high quality CCTV IP Cameras. But fuse Hikvision NVR with Zxtech Camera. It creates the most easy to use, easy to setup PoE CCTV system for you. Just simply plug in the Zxtech IP Cameras with just one Cat5 or Cat 6 Cable. All connections are complete. All power and data will travel into Hikvision Recorders. Setting up EZVIZ is extremely simple. Hikvision provides official support. But you could just simply do it yourself. Download the app for iPhone and Android system, Scan the QR Code. The system will be connected. You can view your CCTV footage anywhere in the world. EZVIZ is an extremely powerful CCTV app. Explore it today.