Wireless CCTV Kits Gen 2

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Wireless CCTV Kits Gen 2

This section of CCTV kits includes general upgrades to our widely popular HD Wireless CCTV Kits, Apart from improved stability, Now we developed Auto Zoom. With Auto Zoom, you can easily zoom in and zoom out by control from a PC or Mobile device. You do not not have to use a ladder for it anymore. Nonetheless, All system still comes with Auto Focus feature, which allows your cameras to focus on object automatically. Make our wireless CCTV system the best choice for your home.

Our wireless CCTV system uses the universal compatible router solutions. In another words. It works with most of the Wireless routers on the market. Such as Wireless BT routers, TalkTalk, Sky, Virgin, Cisco, Linksys and much more. Having this universal wireless solution, you don't have to worry about connection issues while setting it up.

All our 2nd Gen wireless CCTV comes with Full HD 1080P resolution. Real time video recording. It uses SONY CMOS chip. The best CCTV chip we can find to build in our camera.

Connect with mobile and computer is easy. Download the app for free, and quickly connect it with a simple scan. You don't need to worry about setting up the DNS or IP address.

This maybe the most advances HD Wireless CCTV system around.