5MP CCTV Kits AHD System

5MP CCTV Kits AHD System

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    Why 5MP Analog CCTV kit?

    Zxtech has invested in a powerful with a modern design security system. These kits are combining hybrid (analogue + IP) recorder and analog CCTV cameras. In addition to what you get, you will be able to add a few IP cameras, depends on the recorder choice. It is a cost-effective solution for home or business. These systems have 5MP resolution, true plug and play. Few easy steps and you can connect mobile app to your smartphone or tablet and remotely view your property anytime, anywhere. Having the old BNC cabling and want to stick with them is alright as well. Simply upgrade your cameras and recorder. A next-level security system that includes dome cameras, an ideal solution for indoor or outdoor. Analog CCTV cameras with fitted Sony Starvis Chipset and improved night vision, to make invisible, visible. The quality of the image never been more clear in analogue.

    Explore 5MP AHD CCTV Cameras

    Zxtech will offer you surveillance and CCTV security solution in any environments from home to business. Combining modern and compact design with a host of advanced features. You do not have to worry about the video signal as our cameras support all 4 high-definition video signals and they can do 2MP, 4MP, 5MP. A brand new security system that can easily replace older analogue only surveillance also know as 960H or 700TVL. This system is a universal system and can output four types of HD over coax video signals. This system has the ability to switch the cameras to make them compatible with many systems. The system has a super high definition, supports 5MP. All cameras included in the package have 5 Megapixel and the image sensor produces 1920p video resolution. If you already have coax cables running in your property, then you can simply upgrade your cameras and DVR with this modern, compact AHD CCTV kit. This kit will give you a quality as good as an IP system. No need to worry about any setup as this modern system as a true plug and play.

    5 Megapixel 1920p in Analog CCTV Sony Starvis Chip

    You won't need any cable upgrade, this camera will work with your old coaxial cabling which one big benefit considering all hassle you need to go through running new cables. Nowadays it is necessary to have high-quality cameras and this kit will be an ideal solution for any home or business. Zxtech is moving from 2MP 1080p to 5MP 1920P, using conventional coax cable. Alternatively, this system supports IP cameras so you can some IP cameras as an additional. Everything you need with Zxtech hybrid CCTV system. The camera included has a wide-angle and superior night vision, everything from a compact mini bullet AHD TVI camera. It has enhanced up to 25m night vision. Embedded Sony Starvis Sensor for better performance. The camera has a waterproof and vandal-proof metal body. The cameras can be connected to the DVR and easily monitored via a mobile app installed in simple steps on your smartphone or tablet.

    5MP Analog CCTV Kits with motion detection

    Using facial comparison all-in-one with analog CCTV kits. As a standard, the systems can be set on motion detection and save space on the hard drive. 5MP AHD TVI CCTV Kits with improved motion detection feature. As an attempt to extend the time footage stored on the HDD many people prefer to set up motion detection. No matter if you one of them or you simply want to leave it recording 24/7 this CCTV DVR included will do the job. The mobile app can send you mobile push image notification if motion is detected.

    With this camera you can the flexibility of selecting outputs and field of view with this 5 Megapixel AHD, TVI, CVBS and CVI modes. Zxtech made significant improvements in analog CCTV so everyone can get good quality images and videos. Some of the cameras come with varifocal lenses and optical zoom 2.8-12mm, allowing to view from narrow to wide-angle and see the whole picture. The resolution will draw you into the picture. Amazing 1920p super HD quality for even better performance Zxtech invested in embedded Sony Starvis Chipset. No more signal dropping because of the bad WIFI or another obstacle. This camera is ideal for domestic or business applications. The camera has a solid metal shell makes it waterproof and vandal-proof suitable for indoor or outdoor.

    Dome cameras with a classic eyeball shape and improved chipset, they will transmit analog 5-megapixel video signals over legacy coaxial cable. The system has been newly launched and give you peace of mind. If you are looking to upgrade your system or buying a new one this kit will be perfect solutions for any needs. The cameras can be mounted indoors or outdoor, rated to IP66 and comes with metal waterproof and vandal- proof body. Easily connecting the video and power to the camera you will get a plug and play system. With a few simple steps, you can remotely view on your smartphone or tablet. An innovative camera that is upgraded from our Zxtech Halo Plus CCTV cameras. If you already have analog BNC cables run, you can easily upgrade it to AHD, TVI now. The camera is a witness of long-lasting quality and has an embedded Sony Starvis Chip, and improved 30m night vision.

    The camera delivers high definition video using digital TV transmission. With this camera, super high definition digital video is transmitted over coax cable. Zxtech has devoted resource into the development and promotion of CCTV Systems enabling friendly transition of video surveillance systems from analog to digital. The camera has a classic bullet shape with a waterproof case and vandal-proof metal body making it suitable for outdoor. Zxtech Premio cameras have extended an upgraded night vision up to 60m (200ft). The camera has manual focus and optical manual zoom so you can tune it and achieve the perfect image.

    With 5MP Super HD & 200ft Night Vision this camera will give you stunning image day and night. The camera supports 4-in-1 mode AHD, TVI, CVI, CVBS, this camera is the most recently developed solution for transmitting 5MP Super HD. You can get smooth playback with real-time recording for a crispy image without any distortion. High-quality resolution delivers more details and sharper video. Zxtech Premio camera will give you enhanced viewing angle, provides from narrow to wide-angle with varifocal lenses 2.8-12mm. The camera has been designed to fit anywhere, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor. Premio has a waterproof housing and vandal-proof metal housing.

    This system as standard supports 1920p Super HD 5MP resolution and will replace standard 1080p analogue kits. The cameras included needs to be connected to the DVR via BNC cable and plugged to the power. Then you will be to play the video on your TV or CCTV monitor. Extremely easy to set up only a few simple steps and you will be able to use a free mobile app and monitor your property anytime and anywhere. Everyone will have a different requirement, but we guarantee this system will be suitable for everybody, for homes or businesses. The camera has a compact size and super wide-angle so you can mount them indoor or outdoor. They have a metal, waterproof, anti-vandal shell. 5MP excellent quality system that can switch between standards. Ideal analog solutions with super HD quality.

    5MP Analog CCTV Kits with Plug&Play

    Explore a range of Analog CCTV Cameras which can be viewed via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. All range of high definition CCTV equipment for home and business use, including dome, bullet, vandal-proof, waterproof and PTZ cameras. 5MP Super HD TVI is on the market already and it becomes a popular choice for home or business. This 5MP Analog CCTV kit is coming with future-proof features and make it easiest to set up and use. You only need to connect the cables and you will see live images on your monitor or TV. What many people expect is zero configuration and easy setup. This is what you get indeed, simply power the camera and connect the BNC cable in the DVR, this is another thing making this kit so popular.

    The systems include up to 8CH CCTV DVR and number of cameras, suitable for indoor or outdoor. All cameras are waterproof, rated to up to IP66. Anti-vandal body housing, best friend to everyone. If you need a camera for your driveway or garden that will be a great choice. All cameras connect to the DVR via high-quality coax BNC cable, providing the best experience in CCTV. When you say analog some people can only think about the blurry image quality giving you 720TVL cameras. Not with 5MP AHD kit, this one will give you crystal clear image very similar to resolution from the IP system. Very reliable kit with a significantly lessened gap with IP. Budget systems with high-quality resolution, sufficient for everyone.

    5MP Analog CCTV Kits with Mobile Remote Viewing

    As any Zxtech system this Analog kit is not an exception. On the back of the DVR you will see a network port, simply plug cat5 cable and connect to your home broadband, download Bitvision on your mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet. Create an account and log in, add the DVR using the QR code, no need for complicated port forwarding or additional setup. This is easy and user-friendly DVR with a reliable mobile app, monitor your premises anytime, anywhere.

    5MP Analog CCTV Kits with Awesome Image

    Great Night Vision

    This camera is equipped with new Infrared LEDs makes invisible, visible.

    Sony Starvis Chipset

    Equipped with Sony Starvis 5MP Sensor the camera produces more than 5 million pixels. Extreme performance and 5MP Super HD Quality.

    Facial Comparison

    DVR supports 1 channel video stream face comparison (1 face databases with 10 face images). New Firmware Smart XVR, supports face detection and humanoid alarm. If privacy is important to you, you probably will like this recorder. Innovative, more advanced AI software.

    5MP Analog CCTV Kits with smartphone access

    Remotely viewing your CCTV is an important part of any security system. So you can monitor your home or business from everywhere. With this feature, Zxtech offers reliability and protection. This system is fantastic peace of security equipment, ideal for both commercial premises and domestic properties. This will automatically eliminate the need for an on-site guard. Other systems may be slow to react when an intruder break-in, Zxtech systems will allow you to remote monitoring your premises. This will give you peace of mind so the intruders will really think twice before entering. The big advantage is that the system can be viewed from afar.

    As long as the recorder is connected to the Internet. By a simple step, you can watch footage on all smart devices you have got, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, PC, laptops, computers, giving you the ability to monitor you CCTV whenever required. You definitely will track every move in your home. Want to remotely watch your system while you are away, Zxtech can do that. Simply download Bitvision mobile app on your smartphone, scan the QR code from your recorder or camera and you will be connected. Everything you need in 3 easy steps adding convenience so you can use your CCTV in the fullest capacity. Connecting an external microphone to the camera can allow audio recording.

    Sometimes it is important to have a surveillance system installed to ensure that the cameras and audio output is working correctly. This is vital if you need to put together evidence regarding a crime. CCTV may be is nothing new, but this kit will prove you that it is worth every penny coming along with truly 5MP SHD resolutions for live images or recordings and now enjoying your new surveillance equipment on your iPhone or Android device. This system is compatible with Bitvision app. This is an easy to use P2P professional mobile phone client software, connected by a sequence number, completely free and available on App Store or Google Play. The app works with Zxtech Systems and helps you to create your own safe home.

    5MP Analog CCTV Kits with H265+

    Say hello to H.265+ High- Efficiency Video Coding. Lower the cost of hard drive storage and transmission. This system becomes extremely efficient and required space for video storage is decreasing by 40 to 50% and deliver low cost for home and business.

    This feature enables you to record up to 4 times longer than h.264 with the same hard drive size. At the same bandwidth, it's not only transmitting clearer and smoother video, but also saves more disk storage space, and saves a large amount of money for you.

    Zxtech H.265 camera system is a kind of surveillance cameras that adopt High-Efficiency Video Coding. This is an advanced technology that can encode video files twice as efficiently as its predecessor, known as H.264. H.265 can double the data compression ratio without reducing the image quality.

    Thanks to H.265+ video compression this system will reduce storage consumption by about 50%. H.265 video compression is generally used with almost every Zxtech product. Reducing the bandwidth and storage consumption is a priority in every MP SHD system.

    Improve live footage and remotely viewing quality, obtaining a smooth video without delay. The kit will allow you longer recording time whether you record the videos to an SD card or NVR, which will save you the additional cost to store data. And yet our H.265 cameras are suitable for a wide range of application- indoor or outdoor, for home or business, for front door or driveway, for long garden or garage, for shop or schools, hospitals or pubs. Our Zxtech H.265 cameras are ideal for delivering Ultra HD videos and image with high-efficiency. These cameras are on high demand in high resolution and 5MP devices. Zxtech achieves higher resolution with lower bandwidth.

    5MP Analog CCTV Kits with Motion, Alerts, Schedule and Masking

    Often when using CCTV surveillance system, there are certain areas that need to be either concealed or areas that must prevent motion detection from going off. Masking will avoid triggering an alarm when fox pass by or non-significant event occurs.

    Using privacy masking you can avoid false alarms. Many people set up the system on motion detection Zxtech security will make that easier than ever. You can adjust sensitivity and larger values will trigger motion detection easier. The system has advanced motion detection technology that captures video when it detects movement. As always price is a major factor for Zxtech.

    We do not want you to pay twice as much for anything does the same thing. To capture the clearest picture of what's happening at all times. You can configure your system to record when there are movements detected. This will reduce the time to spend looking into your footage and also will save you space on the hard drive so will be able to prolong the recordings. Utilise the extremely flexible scheduling preference. Tell the NVR what time of the day, or which day of the week to record.

    Enabling motion you will be able to use push image notification on your mobile app. No, unnecessary alerting during the time you are there, no unnecessary recording when you do not need it. Alternatively, you can just turn it on 24/7. With up to 4/16 cameras operating simultaneously and reliable motion detection, you will feel protected 24/7.

    5MP Analog CCTV Kits with image notification

    Zxtech invested in Super HD Security, completely AHD supporting mobile push notification. The system can be accessed using a mobile app named Bitvision and it can run on phone or pad, includes Android and IOS.

    Supporting many languages such as English, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Polish, etc. Few very simple steps to get mobile push notification enabled. Register an account on Bitvision, enter the login credentials, Scan the QR code from your recorder to bind the device and preview your cameras connected to your recorder. With this system, you can enable motion detection and push image notifications. When the device alarms, the device pushes the alarm to capture the image to the App. The message will pop-up on a mobile device.

    Watching up your system all the time is not an option. This system will automatically send you a mobile notification if detects a motion. The GDPR is in effect so you can protect people privacy when using CCTV equipment. Hiding part of the picture and anonymizing blanking out part of the scene that is not important to you. Get a mobile notification when it detects motion in your scene.

    This system works with an effective video management system. Connectivity and configuration are simple and user-friendly. The viewing, Replay, Control, Alert and Intelligent Settings. Updated software for more convenience and easy to use. Zxtech invested with a system that can do multilingual support with more than 20 different languages.

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