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    Compact Spy Wireless Camera with the Pinhole lens was invented to provide discrete security without loss of quality. With the spy camera and the WI-FI, the mechanism has been totally re-engineered. Tiny body with string sized antenna allows installation anywhere without drawing attention. Steel body provides vandal resistance.

    Our Zxtech mini CCTV camera is the ideal solution for where the size of the camera is of critical importance. These products are peace of mind with HD resolution and embedded Sony Chip inside, producing 2 million pixels and Full HD. Every small CCTV camera supports motion detection and it is accessible via IE browser. You will be able to see what is happening inside your home using mobile app anytime, anywhere.

    The benefit of the mini CCTV camera is it will give you super-wide-angle and can work wirelessly connected to your home WIFI network, simply plugging into the power. In case you are on a budget that won’t be a problem as we can offer a compact mini CCTV camera that will work with your analog DVR and can be connected via a BNC cable. What more convenient than a plug and play camera. Our small CCTV camera, no matter analog or wireless have a sturdy body with metal casing make it a reliable solution. If you need to keep the cameras out of sight, then our small and mini CCTV camera is a perfect fit for your need. If you have difficulties to access some areas a spy small CCTV camera will do the job.

    Compact size mini CCTV cameras are easy to set up and use. Just plug in the camera and download the app on your mobile phone. For the IP cameras, you can store the video directly on your PC. See the inside of your home on your smartphone no matter where you are.

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