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    Fisheye Panoview systems

    Explore the full range view with the panorama CCTV kits, featuring the H.265 compression comprise Fisheye camera which will give you a 360-degree angle Zxtech Eclipse 2MP Full HD. With H.265 compression, the CCTV kit will provide an ultra-smooth high definition CCTV footage on playback. Giving you more footage for fewer data. Fisheye cameras will provide the 360-degree view that will eliminate the need for buying multiple cameras. No more missing the details. The systems include a panoramic camera with a special lens to record a 360-degree field of view, allowing you to cover a huge area with just one camera and that makes it perfect for open-plan offices and warehouses. Zxtech Eclipse cameras included in the package will offer a full panoramic view.

    Two-way Audio Motion Detection

    The system support two-way audio and the Fisheye camera, included has a built-in microphone and speaker, makes it easy to record, play and speak. As a finish, the cameras are PoE IP cameras and you only will need one network cable to transmit power and video.

    This system won't let you down, it is a perfect solution for IP surveillance applications that need to cover the entirety of a scene but has a limited space to install multiple cameras. Impressive 360-degree camera image. The systems include pano view PoE camera, suitable for indoor and range of different cameras suitable for outdoor. Mix and match you can find the perfect CCTV that can serve you very long.

    Up to date technology by Zxtech it enables you to get panoramic videos and photos, creating an experience of the brand new panoramic world, suitable for open-area monitoring. With Zxtech systems you will be always one step ahead of the CCTV world.

    Easy connection to your mobile phone or tablet and remotely watch your premises anytime, anywhere.

    Impressive Panoramic Fisheye security camera that gives you different screen modes to provide a different style of views as you prefer. This panoramic camera supports SD card Class10 up to 128GB. Built-in LED light for up to 66 feet night vision. 7 connections built-in: alarm I/O, audio I/O, PoE, BNC, DC.

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