Fisheye Panorama Ultra Wide Angle CCTV Cameras

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    What are the advantages of Zxtech Eclipse Fisheye Camera?

    1. Thanks to the fisheye camera lens you can greatly reduce the cost of installation. Instead of mounting two or more cameras. A single fisheye camera can do effective monitoring of larger areas. Not only, instead of drilling the holes for multiply cameras what better than using one cable only and watch out the bigger picture.
    2. Equipped with a great panoramic lens this Zxtech Eclipse Fisheye camera is capable to deliver 360-degree view ensuring that no details would be left without notice.
    3. This fisheye camera definitely can replace your traditional indoor fixed lens cameras.

    The products can be connected to a DVR using BNC connection or NVR using PoE. This makes them great hybrid cameras with panoramic lenses.

    The perfect fit for home or business, built-in microphone and speaker makes it desired item for many households.

    Explore Fisheye Zxtech range with ultra-wide viewing angle giving you 360-degree footages. Getting a camera with 4 modes built-in microphone and speaker. Panorama lens to cover every corner in your house. All cameras equipped with Sony sensor for quality assurance. Zxtech Eclipse camera is our Fisheye solution offering you a wider 360-degree field of view. By getting a Fisheye camera you will eliminate any blind spots. The camera is ideal for security applications that require wide coverage. The Fisheye camera features a wide panoramic view of an area for a cost-effective solution to security surveillance. Traditional surveillance cameras have blind spots; the 360° degree fisheye camera can do the work of multiple cameras without having to mess with PTZ IP cameras. Compared to PTZ cameras, the cost savings alone make this fisheye camera well worth the price. Plus, a fisheye camera is just as easy to install as any regular camera allowing for hassle-free installation.

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