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    The Wiz Sense Series IP camera features SMD plus and perimeter protection using a deep learning algorithm. This greatly improves alarm accuracy as it can identify human/vehicle classification. Through its adoption of AI coding technology, the WizSense series offers higher efficiency than H.265 & H.264, which can dramatically reduce storage costs. Powered by Starlight and True WDR technology, the WizSense series camera provides a high-quality image.

    AI Coding

    By adopting an advanced algorithm involving auto stream control which learns it's an environment, the Dahua "AI Coding" technology produces a higher efficiency than H.265 and H.264, providing high-quality videos, and reducing the cost of storage and transmission.

    SMD Plus

    Smart Motion Detection Plus (SMD Plus) filters out the motion detection alarms triggered by non-target objects and effectively recognizes humans and vehicles, instead only sending accurate alarms when an intrusion has been detected.

    Perimeter Protection

    This Series supports intelligent detection with its advanced video algorithm, including tripwire and intrusion that categories target as a human or vehicle. It also works with Smart NVR in order to perform a refined intelligent search, extract events and merge event videos.

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