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    The WizSense series thermal camera is a compact size and contains a dual-channel spectrum and powerful combination of visible light and thermal imaging. This series integrates advanced Dahua image analysis and intelligent algorithms, providing a one-stop solution for small and medium-sized monitoring application.

    Advanced Sensor

    This series high sensitivity sensor with 256x192 pixels, an increased of 156% compared to the 160x120 pixel products in the market. Its advanced fabrication level provides better image quality- i.e. more details and higher image contrast.

    Image Fusion

    The new fusion mode extracts not only the coordinates of the target and its overlay, but also its grey values, making the fusion more accurate.

    Smoking Detection

    With the combination of dual spectrum, the visible-light channel detects human (head) and the thermal channel detects smokers, eliminating objects like cigarette lighter to a certain extent.

    Object Classification

    A simple background is essential for video analysis. With AI algorithms, the intelligent human/vehicle detection feature helps to reduce false alarms caused by camera movement, falling leaves, or other irrelevant objects, significantly improving alarm accuracy.

    Active Deterrence

    It is equipped with configurable white light and a loudspeaker alarm. Once an abnormal behaviour has been detected by thermal channel, the white light and loudspeaker will turn on and create a visual or voice prompt. It will then proceed to record and take image snapshot.

    Call Detection

    Temperature Measurement

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