1080P CCTV Kits AHD System

1080P CCTV Kits AHD System

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    Analogue Camera Security System with 1080p resolution

    Easier to install Analogue Security Cameras with Sony Starvis Sensor giving you high-performance quality. Similar quality as IP but on a lower cost. The system does not require any configuration or network knowledge, while the IP system requires some networking skills. The new and improved analogue systems are equipped with full HD 1080p resolution. There is no more need to miss out on high quality. The CCTV kit comes complete with cables and power supplies, so you won't miss a thing. The system is plug and play, with no need of configuration, just put them up and plug them in.

    Explore 2MP AHD CCTV Cameras

    The system that is suitable for commercial and residential security. The wired solution that will provide a reliable connection without the need of internet. The Internet connection will be required only if wish to remote monitor the premises where the system is installed.

    Very sophisticated system that will record video output over a coaxial cable into a modern and beautiful CCTV DVR. The system is very affordable and will prevent home break-ins.

    The great thing about having a CCTV system installed in your premises as this is usually enough to prevent your premises from being targeted by criminals. Having a camera pointed at your front door or back garden. The system is working through coaxial cables and can run on a long distance.

    With Full HD CCTV system you can film about 8 meters when using the cameras. Most reliable Analog CCTV system that will minimize the cost of CCTV for your home. Zxtech Analog Systems have advanced software and motion detection. All systems can be monitored remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

    Hybrid CCTV Systems that can connect analogue and IP CCTV Cameras

    Analog security system that supports 4 modes: AHD, TVI, CVI, CVBS. Do not need to a toss-up between buying analog or IP system. These kits will give you high definition quality and flexibility installing the camera indoor or outdoor.

    If you are looking to install additional IP cameras these systems are the ideal choice. Connecting analogue and IP cameras it makes the CCTV system hybrid analogue and thanks to the hybrid recorder (XVR) you will enjoy high definition images and video.

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