Domar Green 8 Channel HD-MI 960H Full D1 DVR

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The Domar Green 8 Channel HD-MI 960H Full D1 P2P DVR allows you to connect and record up to 8 analog cameras, resolution goes right up to 960H. Analog cameras connect to this system using BNC cables and cameras with audio recording capabilities can also use the eight Phono (RCA) inputs to record sound. All our Green range does the P2P function, this is no exception, just download a free app into your Smart phone, put in the serial number when your going through the setup wizard and your will be connected. You can watch your property while you are out and also you can watch it on your Internet Explorer Browser. Gives you the control any time, anywhere. This is as easy to setup as the traditional analog systems. Connecting it to your router can be done in 2 ways: either hard wired with an Ethernet cable or wirelessly via the wireless extension. If you want to see the picture on the screen, you don’t have to do a complicated setup, power up the camera and plug it into the DVR, the picture will appear, that is plug and play. The Domar Green 8 Channel HD-MI 960H Full D1 DVR does standard functions such as motion, schedule, masking , all these features are included in this Green range DVR. You can also have a notification email sent to you while motion is triggered. The maximum memory capacity is 4 TB, therefore you can have ultra long recording, you can easily back up your data on a USB stick if needed. The Domar Green 8 Channel HD-MI 960H Full D1 DVR comes with a remote control, mouse, UK 3Pin Power adapter, manual, installation cd optional Hard Drive and one year warranty. Enjoy Peace of Mind 1 Year FREE DomarCare (2 Years Upgrade Option Available).


High Res, Low Price

Resolution goes right up to 960h. Dual screen viewing allows you to see footage on two monitor at the same time. Compatible up to 6TB of the hard drive.

Extend to Wireless

Easy connection allows you to connect to internet wirelessly. Purchase the extension and forget the wire.

One step setup for mobile viewing

P2P one step connection. No complicated router setup. You can still set it the same way like before if you want.


  • Cloud one step setup.
  • HD-MI & Connect to two screen at the same time.
  • Full 960h WD1 Recording Res
  • Support remote viewing universally such as iPhone, Android, web browser & Free CMS.
  • Support wireless extension. Such as 3G & Wifi

What's in the Box

  • 8 Channel Digital Recorder.
  • Power Adaptor
  • Remote, Mouse, Manual, Installation CD
  • Optional Hard Drive
  • 1 Year Warranty

Tech Spec

  • System Basics : LINUX 16-Color GUI | H.264 Compression.
  • Combination : DVR: (AHDL960H / 8); ( D1 / 8); (HD1 / 8); HVR: ( D1 / 2 + 1080p *1 + 720p *1) NVR: (1080p / 8); 720p / 8).
  • Max Processing Power (PAL) : 960H@100fps
  • Local Display Split Screen Combination : 1 | 4 | 8
  • Possible Record & Play Resolutions : 960H | D1
  • Max Local Playback Split Screen Combination : 4CH 960H | 8CH 960H | 8CH D1 | 1CH 1080P under NVR mode
  • Motion detection : 192 (16*12) detection area; can set multi-level of flexibility.
  • Record mode : Manual, Alarm, Motion Detection, Schedule.
  • Video search : Time, Date, Event, Channel Search.
  • Per Camera Per Day Hard Drive Usage : CIF 5G; 960H 20G; HD 40G. Approx.
  • Per Microphone Per Day Hard Drive Usage : 691.2M.
  • Audio compression : G.711A.
  • Video storage : Local HDD, Network.
  • Back up mode : Network backup, USB portable HDD, USB DVD-RW.
  • Protocol : DHCP, PPPOE, FTP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, UPNP, EMAIL etc.
  • Compatible Browser : Windows IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.
  • Compatible Mobile System : iPhone, iPad, Android.
  • Video Input Channel : 8 Channel BNC or multiple options on HVR/NVR.
  • 1 Channel VGA, 1 Channel HDMI.
  • Audio Input : 4 Channels RCA, DVR mode only.
  • Audio Output : 1 Channel RCA and 1 HDMI.
  • Alarm input : 4 ports alarm in.
  • Alarm output : 1 port alarm out.
  • Network port : RJ45 10M/100M Ethernet port.
  • PTZ control : 1 RS485 Port.
  • USB port : 2 Slots USB.
  • HDD port : 1SATA (each max support 4TB).
  • Wireless port : 3G, Wifi (RT3070 extension via USB port only).
  • Interface Language : English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, etc.
  • Power : DC12V/3A
  • Dimension (mm) : 280(L) x 230(W) x 45(H)

Green 8 Channel DVR

This Green 8 Channel DVR comes with cost effective chipset, it allows you to connect both Analog cameras and IP Cameras. Perfect for your home CCTV system. Compatible with 1000TVL, 700TVL and more type of CCTV cameras. With HDMI output, the DVR will show CCTV split channels at the same time, with a display quality of 1080p. Each Analog camera will have a recording resolution of 960h while the IP camera can achieve Full HD.

Connectivity & Dual Streaming.

With all kind of connections you have the full compatibility. Connections includes: 8 Channel BNC or multiple options on HVR/NVR | 1 BNC Channel, 1 Channel VGA, 1 Channel HDMI | 4 Channels RCA, DVR mode only. | 1 Channel RCA and 1 HDMI. | 4 ports alarm in. | 1 port alarm out. | RJ45 10M/100M Ethernet port. | 1 RS485 Port. | 2 Slots USB. | 1SATA (each max support 4TB). | 3G, Wifi (RT3070 extension via USB port only).

Recording & Playback.

If you have analog camera such as 1000TVL, 900TVL, 800TVL or 700TVL, you will be able to achieve a resolutions of 960h. That is a resolution of 960x480 pixels. This is the max resolution you can achieve with analog camera. When you connect some IP cameras, you can go for Full HD 1080P.

Hybrid Mode.

This DVR comes with hybrid mode as well. You can connect 8 x 960H camera: or 8 1080p IP cameras. If you want to mix and match, then you can connect 2 analog and 3 Ip cameras depending on your needs.

Motion Detection, Emailing, Schedule, Masking.

You can ask your DVR to send you an email notification whenever motion is detected. You can mask part of the screen not to be alerted by motion. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the Motion Detection. You ask each of your cameras only to record in a certain time of the day. Even with the motion on. There are passwords you can set on your DVR. It protects you from unauthorised access and modification.

Remote Viewing Anytime, Anywhere.

Doesn't matter where you are, as long as you have access to the internet. You can see your security footage on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Internet Explorer or Chrome on a Windows or a Mac. The connection is super easy as well. Download the free app from the app store. Just use the scan the QR code or enter the P2P serial number. You are done! You can start stream footage to your phone now.

Large Storage, Great Compression, Easy Backup.

Search recorded files by a different method and back up footage into memory sticks. You will be able to find a particular recording by advanced search option. You can search by time, date, event and channel. Files have a correct timestamp. Once you have to find the recording file you want, plug a USB stick into the DVR, and use the backup option to move the files easily.

Suitable Everywhere.

The DVR comes with multiple language support including: English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, etc. You can use it anywhere including: Homes, Offices, Schools, Shops, Warehouses, Shopping Centre, Parking Centre, Public/Private Streets or even on a bus if you put a SSD in it.

PTZ Expansion.

If you are a PTZ fan and If you have a camera like this and want to add to your system, you will be able to connect it to this DVR. This PTZ camera allows you to pan, tilt or zoom the camera from the DVR. If you also have a PTZ controller. You will be able to connect to this DVR as well. This DVR has the built-in RS485 Port.

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