5MP, 4K, 8K NVRs

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5MP, 4K, 8K Ultra HD CCTV NVRs

CCTV industry is moving on a fast pace. Doubling resolution every other year. We like to source the best product and bring it to the market as soon as the technology arrives.

zxtech 4k CCTV recorder

4K camera is available now and we are bringing the 4K recording technology to you. It is made possible by the H265 compression technology. Due to the efficiency H265, your Ultra HD 4K video can be transmitted through a stand Cat5 or Cat 6 cable. After receiving the 4K signal, the recorder will decode it with H265 encoding method. This technology are only made possible in 2017. There are no other alternative to this. Therefore, you are guaranteed after getting the 4K camera and 4K recorder, you will stay on the technology edge for a very very long time.

H265 vs H264

4K cameras are not so easy to find. Especially value for money ones. You can get some really high end 4K Hikvision Recorders. You can also get the Zxtech 4K recorders with just above £100. With easy to setup P2P connection, you can access your recording library easily anywhere anytime. Due to the high performance H265 compression technology, 4K doesn't actually require much more recording storage capacity from your Hard Drive. Despite 4K have a whopping 400% resolution of a stand 1080P recorder, the storage requirement only increase twice. Mainly due to 50% reduction of date by using H265 compression.

4K vs 8K

4K recording is commonly used in other industries such as home entertainment and action cameras. But it is only made possible to CCTV industry. The main reason is the Compression technology take years to mutual. But the result is sunning. Without a varifocal lens, 4K can see 4 time of the length of a traditional 1080p video. i.e. If a car reg plate can be seen clearly by a 1080P camera, it can be seen clearly by a 4K camera if the car is parked 4 time of the distant from the camera. It is truly revolutionary.

H265 H264 Comparison

4K equals 8.3 Megapixel, it is 400% of a Full HD resolution. The resolution of 4K is 3840 pixels × 2160. A quick note to 8K which contains 33.2 Megapixels, at 7680 pixels × 4320 resolution. 4K camera is very rare.