Zxtech 10M Pre-Made BNC+DC+RCA Siamese Cable | MK1S78N

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High quality and brand new professional  Pre-made BNC+DC+RCA Siamese  CCTV Cable BNC (video) + DC (power) +RCA (audio) suitable for commercial and residential use. These Pre-made BNC+DC+RCA cables are ideal for connecting CCTV Cameras and Audio Module to DVR, you have video, audio and power in one cable, however you can use for different appliances. Easy to use, durable and practical these BNC+DC+RCA cable will provide  constant conductivity for a reasonable price. These BNC+DC+RCA Pre-made cables come in different sizes: 5m, 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m. Simple and scientific design it will save you time on installation no need for any crimping or soldering required. Video connection BNC, Power connection 2.1mmx5.5mmx10mm male and female socket, Audio connection RCA 2 male connectors. The Pre-made cables  come with 12 months warranty or 14 days money back guaranteed. 

Product SKU: MK1S78N

Product Description


  • Perfect for connecting a Audio CCTV camera to DVR
  • Video, Audio and power all on one cable
  • Competitive price
  • Very good quality
  • 14 days money back guaranteed

What's in the Box

  • High quality pre-made siamese Cable as on the picture
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Peace of mind

Tech Spec

  • Video Connection: BNC
  • Power Connection: 2.1mm x 5.5mm x 10mm Male Plug and Female Socket
  • Audio Connection: RCA 2 male connectors

Additional Information

Condition Brand New

Peace of Mind

Strong Sales & Tech Support

Strong Sales & Tech Support

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