Zxtech 8x PoE Face Detection Line Crossing IP67 Waterproof 5MP Sony Sensor Camera System

Zxtech SKU: SF8B8Y

Zxtech 8x PoE Face Detection Line Crossing IP67 Waterproof 5MP Sony Sensor Camera System

Zxtech SKU: SF8B8Y
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Zxtech 8x PoE Face Detection Line Crossing IP67 Waterproof 5MP Sony Sensor Camera System
Zxtech 5MP BabyBullet AI PoE CCTV Camera
Zxtech 5MP BabyBullet AI PoE CCTV Camera
Zxtech 5MP BabyBullet AI PoE CCTV Camera
Zxtech 5MP BabyBullet AI PoE CCTV Camera
Zxtech 5MP BabyBullet AI PoE CCTV Camera
Zxtech 5MP BabyBullet AI PoE CCTV Camera
Zxtech 5MP BabyBullet AI PoE CCTV Camera
Zxtech 8 PoE Port 4K Network Video Recorder CCTV NVR
Zxtech 8 PoE Port 4K Network Video Recorder CCTV NVR
Zxtech 8 PoE Port 4K Network Video Recorder CCTV NVR
Zxtech 8 PoE Port 4K Network Video Recorder CCTV NVR
Zxtech 8x PoE Face Detection Line Crossing IP67 Waterproof 5MP Sony Sensor Camera System comes with 5MP Sony Starvis Chip that produces more than 5 million pixels and 2.5 times sharper than Full HD. This system will give you boosted Super HD quality and extra peace of mind. The system includes 8CH CCTV NVR, which means you can add 8 IP PoE CCTV cameras and connect to the back of the recorder. Not least you will be able to add up to 16 cameras to the recorder if you use separate PoE switch. Zxtech investing in innovative technology and this time won't let you down. The complete security kit that supports face detection and recognition, Intrusion Detection, Line Cross Detection, Loiter Detection, People Gather Detection. No more fitting and installing alarms. This comes included for extra protection for your premises. The system comes with a compact bullet camera that has vandal-proof housing and makes it suitable or indoor or outdoor. Super wide-angle and waterproof rated to IP67 camera body. Simply and ergonomic design.
CCTV is currently used in daily life for many purposes. Now you really sit and relax or enjoy your life knowing that you have the most secure CCTV system for your home, company, shop, restaurant, coffee shop, beauty salon or everywhere you need extra protection or monitoring. The system with a capture rate of over 99.5%. The camera is waterproof designed and rated to IP67. New generation Sony sensor perfect for day and night capturing colour night vision even if not so bright outside. As standard, the camera comes with Power over Ethernet connection (PoE) so you do not need to run many cables and that makes the installation easy and hassle-free.

Product Overview

5MP Face Recognition Intruder Detection Loiter Detection Line Crossing. If you have recent reports for criminal activity in your neighbourhood, you can benefit from face recognition and capture faces of potential suspects while recording with 5MP. Advanced Facial Recognition that combined with motion detection as standard will give you peace of mind you deserve. The system uses analytics module alerting in real-time in case of loitering in monitored areas. This camera can monitor an area by detecting and surveying movements to capture events. This is a smart feature used to reduce breaks-in or other criminal activity. The system support line crossing which detects people, vehicle or any other objects which cross a pre-defined virtual line. The camera has waterproof rated to IP67 solid metal body.

What's in the Box

  • 8 x Zxtech BabyBullet AI CCTV Camera
  • 1 x 8CH Onyx 4K PoE Network Video Recorder
  • 4 x 10M cable, 4 x 20M cable and 1 x 2M Cable
  • Optional HDD and Monitor

System Feature

  • Zxtech is proud to introduce new range Smart AI security system features super high- definition quality footage with 4K capable CCTV NVR
  • The system support Face Detection and Recognition, Intrusion Detection, Line Cross Detection, Loiter Detection, People Gather Detection
  • The cameras included have embedded Sony Starvis Sensor and will reduce blurred images caused by low-frequency vibration
  • Another level of visualization with superb night vision up to 25m, if you have some extra lighting you will be able to achieve colour night vision
  • PoE built-in connection allows you to connect 4K CCTV Camera to the 4K NVR using one single cable. This cable provides power to the camera and transmits video
  • The cameras included in the package have an extra lead for audio connection and reset button, allows to connect an external microphone, supports SD card slot for backup up to 512 GB
  • BabyBullet cameras have 3.6mm fixed lens wide angle viewing so you can see the whole picture
  • The system itself supports H265+ video compression and you can save up to 50% more data on your hard disk storage
  • 5MP Face Detection and Facial Recognition CCTV System that is designed to be in use with a free mobile app, makes it a great solution for any home
  • Super HD surveillance kit comes with heavy-duty metal casing, rated to IP67 suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Featuring IR Cut, WDR, BLC, ROI, Defog functions this system produce accurate colour images and transmit IR light passing the visible light
  • 5MP kit that supports motion detection and mobile notification alerts every time when motion is triggered

AI Face Recognition, Line Crossing, People Gather Detection, Loiter Detection, Intrusion Detection, Motion Detection, Schedule, Masking

The system combines Motion Detection, Scheduling and Masking in one. As usual, our Zxtech kits comes with standard functions such as Motion Detection, Email Alerts, Masking and Scheduling. The system detects motion if enabled and prevent crime. With the beginning of the year, Zxtech introduces new technology, power AI functions to offer an entirely new level of CCTV. Our systems can now save faces and compare them with high accuracy. Zxtech is here to protect our homes and businesses. We offer a better way to track attendance. Zxtech develops Facial Recognition cameras to help not only homes but small and big company to reduce any risk for you and your family and employees. During the pandemic, we saw increased usage of face detection solutions. The system is a real blessing, puree and simple to use. High-tech equipment that will give you full confidence. AI face detection became more accurate so that is why Zxtech introduces to the market completely new range cameras. With these features, you can identify an unknown person. This powerful function helps to accelerate response by quicker identifying people of interest. In the time of uncertainty, people gather detection is definitely a benefit for everyone.

As usual, Zxtech is proof of efficient Surveillance solution. The kit allows the detection of groups of people as well as any general crowd movement. Apart from all the system can detect people, vehicle or other objects which cross the virtual line. Intrusion detection can detect people, vehicle or any other object which enter the predefined virtual region.

Sony Starvis Chipset & 5MP Super HD Resolution

Zxtech holds on quality and this time there is no difference. The system comes with cutting edge and the world's first image sensor for Smart AI cameras. The chip integrates power and memory allowing to perform machine learning. The experience is proven that Sony Sensor is faster, great value and more secure chip. if you really want a long-lasting solution then Sony is a perfect choice. The real bottleneck is that the sensor can handle more complex tasks such as face detection, intrusion detection, line crossing and people gathering. The chipset is the brain for every camera. Zxtech chooses Sony because of the affordability, security, and performance all in one. The cameras support 5MP recording resolution which gives better clarity compared to the lower resolution such as 2MP or 3MP. Nowadays Full HD CCTV is not enough. The new 2MP is 5MP. Every household, every business prefer to get 5MP, instead of the obsolete equipment. Why you need to reconcile 2MP when you can get almost twice better quality from our 5MP CCTV Cameras.

Wide Angle CCTV Camera included in the kit

The system will help to monitor larger areas and with one camera will reduce troubles in setup and maintenance. Most of the people like wider angle so no hassle installing multiple cameras where clearly one solution can be more than enough and saving cost for installation. Our Zxtech camera coming in the kit has fixed 3.6mm lens which making it a great choice for front door installation, garage, garden or indoor.

Power Over Ethernet(PoE)

Many people do not realise how beneficial PoE connection actually is. Saving cost, easy and low-voltage installation, robust and secure connection. Using PoE the CCTV installation becomes hassle-free. Your installer can deeply power to pretty much any point. No need to worry about that anymore. Almost no risk of electric hazard for peace of mind. The installation is safe and convenient. No more issue with insufficient power. PoE will transit power and video using one single cable. This system will give you full flexibility and no need to use secondary cable. Our Zxtech will give you fast Ethernet transmission. The system has wider coverage. We generally suggest using PoE for up to 100m even if you have obstacles.

Increase your Access Capabilities using smartphone access

Remotely viewing your CCTV is an important part of any security system. So you can monitor your home or business from everywhere. With this feature, Zxtech offers reliability and protection. This system is fantastic peace of security equipment, ideal for both commercial premises and domestic properties. This will automatically eliminate the need for on-site guard. Other system may be slow to react when an intruder break-in, Zxtech systems will allow you to remote monitoring your premises. This will give you a peace of mind so the intruders will really think twice before entering. The big advantage is that the system can be viewed from afar. As long as the recorder is connected to the Internet. By a simple step, you can watch footage on all smart devices you have got, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, PC, laptops, computers, giving you the ability to monitor you CCTV whenever required. You definitely will track every move in your home. Want to remotely watch your system while you are away, Zxtech can do that. Simply download Bitvision mobile app on your smartphone, scan the QR code from your recorder or camera and you will be connected. Everything you need in 3 easy steps adding convenience so you can use your CCTV in the fullest capacity. Connecting an external microphone to the camera can allow audio recording. Sometimes is important to have a surveillance system installed to ensure that the cameras and audio output is working correctly. This is vital if you need to put together evidence regarding a crime. CCTV may be is nothing new, but this kit will prove you that it is worth every penny coming along with truly 4K UHD resolutions for live images or recordings and now enjoying your new surveillance equipment on your iPhone or Android device. This system is compatible with Bitvision app. This is an easy to use P2P professional mobile phone client software, connected by a sequence number, completely free and available on App Store or Google Play. The app works with Zxtech Systems and helps you to create your own safe home.

Loop Recording on pre-installed SD Micro SD Card with up to 512GB storage

The camera in the kit has built-in SD card slot and can record up to 512GB storage two times bigger storage than standard CCTV camera. If you like to keep footages as a backup than this camera will be perfect for your needs. The camera support loop recording that means it will overwrite. Primary designed to store moton-activated videos

Next-Gen Interface

Zxtech your best UK supplier has launched a new generation of firmware for CCTV NVR. The new firmware brings user-friendly interface, full with new features. Based on great user experience and enhanced intelligent functions the next-gen interface will allow customers to do a lot more. This firmware is a massive improvement with new features such as Face Recognition, Intrusion Detection, Line Crossing, Loiter Detection and People Gather Detection etc. Smart AI system with real-time monitoring on HDD, providing you safety and reliability. Zxtech launch new firmware, new software recorders, real joy to use.

Camera Specs

Image Sensor: 1/2.8" Sony Starvis Back-illuminated CMOS sensor
Resolution: 5MP
Minimum Illumination: 0.01Lux
S/N Ratio: >52dB
Scanning System: Progressive
Video Output: Network
Day/Night: IR Cut ICR-Infrared filter with auto switch
Focus Length: 3.6mm
Focus Control: Fixed
Lens Type: Fixed
Night Vision: 42µ x 2PCS
Infrared Distance: 25m
Ethernet: RJ-45 (10/100Base-T)P
Onvif: Support ONVIF 2.4(Profile S/T)
P2P: Yes, Support QR Code
PoE: Yes
Main Streeam: 2592*1944@20fp
Intelligent Analysis: Intrusion Detection, Line Cross Detection, Loiter Detection, People Gather Detection
Recognition: Face Detection and Recognition
Number of faces per frame: 32
Capture rate: >99.5%
Repeat capture rate: <15%
False capture rate: <0.5%
Number of supported faces: 30,000
Minimum detection of face pixels: 25*25
Maximum detection of face pixels: 300*300
Day/Night: Color/ B&W (IR-CUT )
Image Config: Saturation/Brightness/Contrast /Sharpness, Mirror, 3D NR , White Balance, FLK(Flicker Control), Video Tampering
Defog Mode, ROI, BLC, WDR, HDR, Motion Detection, Masking: Support
Recording Mode: NVR/CMS/Web
Two-Way Audio: Yes
Alarm: 1 Channel Input/Output
SD Card: Support, up to 512GB
Alarm: 1 Channel Input/Output
IR Cut Filter: Yes
Dimensions: 157(W) x 70(H) x 66(D)mm
Weight: 650g

NVR Specs

Main Processor: ARM Cortex A7 Processor
Operating System: Embedded LINUX
Video Input: 16CH (4096x2160, 2592x1944, 2048x1536, 1920x1080, 1280x960, 1280x720, etc)
Video Output: 1 VGA, 1 HD
Audio Output: 1 Port RCA(Linear)
Audio Compression standard: G711u, G711a, ADPCM_DVI4
Alarm Sensor Input: 4
Alarm Output: 1
Motion Detection: 16 Channel, MD Zones: 396 (22 x 18)
Trigger Events: Recording, Email, FTP, Snapshot, Buzzer and Screen Tips, Alarm output
HD Output1: Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)/30Hz, 4K (3840 x 2160)/30Hz, 1920 x 1080/60Hz, 1280 x 1024/60Hz, 1280 x 720/60Hz, 1024 x 768/60Hz
VGA Resolution: 1920x1080/60Hz, 1280x1024/60Hz, 1280x720/60Hz, 1024x768/60Hz
Display Split: 16CHxD1/ 9CHxD1/ 8CHxD1/ 4CHxD1/ 1CHx1080P/ 1CHx3MP/ 1CHx4MP/ 1CHx5MP/ 1CHx4k
Digital Zoom: Yes
OSD Camera: Title, Time, Recording, Motion Detection
Video Compression: H265/H264/H265+/H264+
Resolution: 4K(4096x2160), 5MP(2592x1944), 4MP(2688x1520/2560x1440), 3MP(2048x1536), 1080P(1920x1080), 960P(1280x960), 720P(1280x720), D1 (720x576/720x480)
Record Rate PAL: PAL4k@10x25fp, 5MP@14x25fp, 4MP@16x25fp, 3MP@16x25fp, 1080P@16x25fp, 960P@16x25fp, 720P@16x25fp, D1@16x25fp
NTSC: 4k@10x30fp, 5MP@14x30fp, 4MP@16x30fp, 3MP@16x30fp, 1080P@16x30fp, 960P@16x30fp, 720P@16x30fp, D1@16x30fp
Record Mode: Manual/Timer/Motion Detection
Local Sync Playback: 1CH 4K@30fps, 1CH 5MP@30fps,2CH 4MP@30fps, 2CH 3M@30fps, 4CH 1080P@30fps, 4CH 960P@30fps, 4CH 720P@30fps
Decode Capability: 1CH 4K(3840x2160)@30fps
Remote Sync Playback: Yes
Search Mode: ALL, Channel, Manual, Time, Date, Motion Detection
Playback Functions: Play, Pause, Stop, Fast Play, Digital Zoom
Interface: 8 x RJ45 (10M/100M Adaptive Ethernet Interface) + 1 x RJ45 10M/100M/1000M Adaptive Ethernet Interface
Incoming Bandwidth: 100MB
POE: 8 x Independent 100Mbps POE Network Interfaces(Output PowerAT mode 30W, AF mode 15W per Interface), 45/78 line order, Total Power Output more than 100W, Support Plug and Play, Support network cable extended mode up to 250M
Interface Type: 1 SATA Interface
Capacity: Up to 8TB capacity
Dimension(WxDxH): 260x215x43(mm)

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