Port forwarding guides

Classic, Blue, 16 Channel Classic/Blue Range

80 (http) 9000 (media) 15961 (mobile) KMEYE

Classic, Blue, 16 Channel Classic/Blue Range HDMI

80 (http) 9000 (media) P2P (Only) VIDEODEFENCEV2 / VIDEODEFENCEHD

Sliver DVR, Min DVR Range

80 (http) 101 (mobile) 8670 (media) KMEYE TMEYE

Green Range

80 (http) 34567 (media) 34599 (mobile) KMEYE, XMEYE or VMEYECLOUD for P2P

Hikvision Range

80 (http) 8000 (mobile & meida) 554 (rtsp) iVMS-4500

IP Cameras

80 (http) 554 (rtsp) 8999 (onvif). FREEIP, FOR IPADS (CITScloud HD or nicecam HD)

Mini NVR

80 (http) 554 (rtsp) 8999 (onvif). FREEIP, FOR IPADS (CITScloud HD or nicecam HD)

Tropox Wirless IP camera

80 (http) 554 (rtsp) 8080(onvif). HIPCAM P2PCamLive

Here is some guidance on how to set up the ports on some general routers

Be aware that the ports you need to open will be those mentioned above, Not those demo ports mentioned in following example, those are for tutorial purpose only.

BT Homehub - Click Here

Netgear - Click Here

Technicolor TG 582 - Click Here

Virgin - Click Here

Another Virgin - Click Here

TalkTalk - Click Here

Another TalkTalk - Click Here

How to do port forwardings on various different routers - Click Here

Here is just some of the examples we can find, if you cannot find what you want, please search on google "your router brand" + "port forwarding".

List of useful Port numbers (HTTP, media, mobile) to be used for Port Forwarding on various popular CCTV recorders. Also including a list of links to teach you how to do the Port Forwarding on different routers.
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