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Analog CCTV Home Security Cameras

What is an analog security camera?

An analog camera is a type of security camera that uses a digital video recorder (DVR) system to store files and upload them to a network. The camera is connected to a DVR via a coax cable. The DVR system converts video footage from an analog format to digital, which is how it can then be uploaded to a system that can be accessed remotely via the internet. The analog cameras record in a format that is not compatible with digital storage, hence the need for a DVR. Explore Analog CCTV Kits

Analog cameras were the traditional type of CCTV security camera, but newer models have adapted to new technology. The analog CCTV cameras for sale offered from Zxtech employ the latest in camera capabilities, ensuring that they provide the greatest protection possible for your home or business. Rest assured that these cameras perform just as well as digital options, and can be used with older systems, while still providing the advantages of a new camera.

Difference between analog and network

Analog CCTV cameras fpr sale are one form of CCTV camera, the other is a network camera. With network cameras footage is recorded digitally, meaning that it can be sent directly through a network system, without having to be converted first. They do not require a DVR, instead, they work with a network video recorder (NVR), which records and saves files received from a camera on the same network.

Network cameras tend to offer clearer images and higher-resolution footage in comparison to analog cameras. For many uses, the quality of the footage that can be created with analog cameras is still appropriate to provide sufficient security. The analog CCTV cameras for sale in Zxtech range offer 4K resolution and their cameras go up to 8MP. So although digital cameras are more powerful, advances in technology mean that analog alternatives are still fully capable of meeting your needs. Deciding which camera to use will be entirely dependent on factors such as preference, and the rest of the existing security system. Both options have different strengths and are better used in different situations.

Benefits of analog cameras

Analog cameras create a much simpler security system for customers to set up and use. Although it requires the addition of a separate piece of technology, the DVR, the system as a whole is easier to understand and create. This means that if further additions or changes must be made to the setup this process will be swift, and easy to complete.

As with almost all other security systems, analog CCTV cameras for sales can connect to a network that can also be accessed remotely. Owners of the security system can connect to the recordings on a phone or tablet via a downloaded app. Old footage can be pulled up instantly, wherever and whenever it is needed.

Analog cameras are also a much more cost-efficient choice. The cameras are cheaper than digital alternatives, and potential repairs or future maintenance will also be cheaper. As analog CCTV cameras for sale can last just as long as digital cameras (if not longer) when cared for properly, this can amount to significant savings in the long run. Most older security systems are analog (this form of a security camera was around before digital options were). This means that replacing old cameras with new analog options is far cheaper, as the cabling will stay the same.

Another benefit of choosing a security system with analog cameras is the fact that they require less internet bandwidth to transmit recorded files. This is because analog cameras create smaller files than digital cameras in the first place. These files are initially transmitted to the DVR for storage and reformatting via a coax cable, which does not require an internet connection. The DVR then compresses and converts the files, storing them physically. Most DVRs will actually only send files if they are specifically requested via remote command, or if someone is attempting to watch a live feed from the camera. The footage is then sent or streamed via wifi. This reduced dependency on the internet prevents the security system from placing a high demand on the network, which may be unable to handle it.

Use analog cameras to expand your existing security system

If your CCTV system needs to be upgraded or expanded, analog cameras are one of the easiest options. Newer analog CCTV cameras for sale are designed to be used with current and developing technology, but also with older DVR systems. This flexibility is perfect for those wanting to upgrade the cameras on an existing system, no matter how old it is. It is also easy to add more analog cameras to an existing setup, generating greater protection and security. This process should only take a couple of minutes, and it means that your security system doesn’t need to be completely overhauled if there is nothing wrong with it.

Analog models to suit all needs

There is a wide range of analog camera models available, allowing customers to find a product tailored to their exact specific needs. All standard analog cameras are fully functioning and able to provide clear footage, but there are also extra features for use in specific situations. There are analog cameras that are also equipped with night vision, and varifocal or optical zoom. The Zxtech range comes in a number of different designs, so it is easy to pick one that is discreet if necessary or one that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

All of the analog CCTV cameras for sale from Zxtech are weatherproof and can be used indoors or outdoors. The hard plastic, metal or glass casing around the camera is waterproof and built to withstand harsh conditions. A lot of the models are capable of 360-degree movement so that the camera can easily be adjusted to find the perfect angle for maximum coverage. Adjusting the angle of the camera or the zoom of the lens is a quick process, and enables users to find the clearest image for their situation, and easy alterations if the camera needs to be moved.

Analog CCTV cameras have the most ideal plug and play feature and are simple to use. They have made big improvements and are now full HD 1080p. You can now replace old recorders and cameras without the need for changing of cables. Keep the old cables with the clarity and imagery of the new security.

5 in 1 CCTV cameras for sale that are compatible with more systems than ever before. The fusion mode makes it simple to connect to TVI, CVI, AHD or simple analog boxes. When you extend the existing CCTV system, you are assured that this camera will work with existing ones simultaneously whether it is a traditionally DVR or a newer XVR. It will deliver the best recording resolution and compatibility all at once.

Zxtech brings you a wide range of AHD, TVI, CVI, and CVBS Camera at the best price. Zxtech is always looking for new ways to bring the old up to today's standard. Here you will find what they have achieved thus far.