Motorized Auto Zoom CCTV Security Cameras

Motorized Auto Zoom CCTV Security Cameras


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Key Features

Motorized Auto Zoom CCTV Security Cameras

What is a motorized camera?

A motorized CCTV camera is a type of camera that comes equipped with motorized lenses. The camera can be adjusted via digital instruction, as opposed to manually having to zoom or focus. The cameras can be altered using apps or software from any computer or device and can be done swiftly and accurately.

Motorized cameras vs other forms of CCTV Cameras

Motorized cameras can be adjusted easily from a computer or mobile phone. This makes zooming in/out or focusing the camera so much easier compared to traditional CCTV cameras, which often need to be adjusted manually. Adjusting cameras by hand can be a time-consuming task, especially for security systems that have multiple cameras that must be altered slightly. Motorized cameras make this process so much more convenient, and these changes can be made from anywhere at any time.

Motorized cameras come in many different forms, making it possible to seamlessly integrate them into existing security setups without requiring too much change. It is easy to find a camera that suits your preferences in terms of other specifications, which also has these added functions.

Benefits of Motorized Cameras

Motorized cameras offer a number of different benefits that cannot be found on other types of CCTV cameras. They are generally a lot quicker and easier to install, as they do not require total precision when setting them up. Any alterations that are required can be done remotely, taking full advantage of the motorized capabilities - they do not need to be manually focused or zoomed.

Many motorized camera models also come with intelligent focus capabilities. These allow the camera to refocus on faces or number plates. There is no need to manually monitor feed for suspicious activity when the cameras can automatically respond to their surroundings, and focus on areas of interest.

Motorized cameras can often get a more consistently focused recording, compared to cameras that must be focused manually. Refocusing and zooming in or out can take time and precision, and becomes a difficult task when trying to track moving objects. Motorized cameras are capable of completing this task faster, and with greater accuracy than most people can achieve when making these changes by hand.

Our range

Zxtech has created a range of motorized cameras that can provide all of the different services that are required of CCTV cameras in different situations. All of the models in the range are capable of the basic automatic zoom and focus, as well as free apps that can be downloaded onto mobile devices so that the cameras can be controlled from anywhere. They are built to last - all models are waterproof and sturdy to prevent wear and tear, and are designed for outdoor use. Many of the models also come with additional features:

  • Night vision
  • Wireless capabilities
  • 360-degree camera rotation
  • Up to 12-megapixel resolution

There is a motorized camera to suit all needs and existing CCTV setups so that users can create their own fully secure system.

Zxtech motorised CCTV camera will be your best friend forever

With these cameras you do not need to climb using a ladder to adjust zoom or focus. Everything can be done from your mobile phone or computer. Installing your CCTV will be easy and hassle-free. No more frustration and disappointment you can set up the camera in less than a minute. These cameras will allow the viewing angle to be zoom in or out and the image will be automatically focused and this will reduce the installation time and providing you additional benefits.

Benefits of using motorized camera

Zxtech made CCTV with care. We know how much you want to get the installation done as soon as possible, that's why we invested in a completely new range of motorized cameras. They will reduce installation time and labour. They are PoE IP Cameras with autofocus directly from the PC or your smartphone. Finally, no need for expensive testing monitors, no need to focusing in the rain. Motorized CCTV cameras help you adjust the field of view and find the optimised zoom easily through an app, simply download our free controller app. Easily link up to the motorised CCTV camera. As you zoom in and zoom out, the camera will intelligent focus on the view. Advanced features may including face detection or number plate recognition, automatically zoom and re-focus. Motorised lens saves you time to adjust the zoom physically. No more climbing up the ladder.