True Full Colour Night Vision IP CCTV Cameras

True Full Colour Night Vision IP CCTV Cameras

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    Intense LED with Larger Aperture

    The New Zxtech Colour4K technology provides full-colour CCTV footage throughout day and night in stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution. The new range is able to achieve this with a larger aperture, intense bright white enhancement LED lighting and top of the range Sony Starvis Sensor.

    Colour Night Vision is Effective for Investigation

    This camera range features Built-in 4000K daylight colour LED bulbs. This intense LED lights up your property just like a floodlight. The Zxtech AI Colour Night Vision camera no longer requires infrared to capture footage during the night. With an F1.0 aperture larger iris. The video recording now provides excellent colour footage 24/7, a vast improvement on traditional black and white footage. If the incident happens during the night, the colour night vision footage is instrumental to aid police investigation, while black and white night vision footages are not as effective when presented in court. 


    Already a deterrent in its presents, those built-in LEDs are very bright and stay on during the night. So can be unsuitable for indoor and residential areas where the intense LED can be intrusive to surrounding premises within close proximities.

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