5MP CCTV Kits IP System

5MP CCTV Kits IP System

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    11 products

    5MP CCTV System

    5MP CCTV Camera system and recorders provide more than twice the clarity of full-HD systems. The 5MP CCTV system has excellent quality while still giving the smoothest live feed of up to 30fps. The 5MP CCTV security camera has a higher quality and is able to capture all the detail but without a heavy price tag.

    What is 5MP CCTV Camera?

    5MP CCTV resolution is 2560 x 1960. Pixel count is over 5 million (5017600 pixels). it is twice as much as 2MP full-HD resolution.

    Difference between 5MP and 5MP-Lite

    When you are choosing 5MP CCTV cameras, you will come across the 5MP and 5MP-Lite. The difference is very simple.

    • 5MP CCTV Cameras records @ 5MP 25fps
    • 5MP-Lite CCTV Cameras record @ 5MP @15fps

    The cost between these two can be dramatic due to the difference in chipset cost. 25 frames per second is effectively real-time recording, as it's the frame rate which the human eye cannot notice the frame change. Every frame will stay at your screen for 0.04 seconds. 5MP-lite, however will record at 15 frames per second meaning every frame will stay on your screen for 0.66 seconds until the next frame is loaded on-screen. 0.04 vs 0.066 seconds seems very small, but it is a big difference in terms of smooth playback. All our 5MP CCTV IP cameras come with 5MP @25 fps. You can purchase cheaper 5MP-Lite cameras from alternative brands.

    2MP vs 5MP vs 8MP

    CCTV 5MP vs 2MP system has a very big difference as detailed below:

    Resolution Pixel Count
    2MP 1920 x 1080 2073600
    3MP 2048 x 1536 3145728
    5MP 2560 x 1960 5017600
    8MP 3266 x 2450 8001700

    Why Choosing 5MP IP CCTV Camera now is perfect timing?

    The Hard Disk problem resolved - Truly efficient

    5MP CCTV Camera. Double Resolution. Same HDD

    5mp CCTV camera resolution is more than twice the resolution of FHD 2MP CCTV resolution. Traditionally, with higher pixel density - every frame uses twice the hard drive space. If your 1TB hard drive records 30 days with a 2MP CCTV camera, then normally for a 5MP it will last half of that at 15 days, but this is no longer the case.

    With H265+ compression technology, every frame is compressed into a very small size with this new format. H.265+ is so efficient, it will take even less HDD space per frame than 2MP frames. In other words, a 1TB HDD with 5MP CCTV H265+ camera will last even longer than a month.

    Please bear in mind, if you're buying a 5MP H.265+ CCTV camera, you also need to have a H265+ recorder. All our 5MP IP CCTV cameras and recorders are enhanced with H265+.

    5MP CCTV camera is at its best value.

    If you want to buy 5MP IP CCTV Camera 2 years ago. You’d probably pay at least twice as much as now because 5MP CCTV camera components were very expensive at the time. Add to this a low compression rate, and most people will have been put off, and of course, less demand means less supply, which means higher production cost.

    But now this is a completely different story. Big suppliers like Sony have increased supply for 5MP. The 5MP camera you buy today is truly at the best value you can possibly get. In other words, you are now paying the price of 2MP CCTV camera but getting a 5MP CCTV Camera.

    How to choose Best 5MP CCTV Camera?

    5MP CCTV Bullet camera vs Dome Camera

    The first thing when you are buying a 5MP security camera system is to decide how you want it to look like. Most of the time people would prefer a dome rounded shape. It offers more harmonious and less intrusive look. Our dome cameras come with a 3-ring structure. You can adjust where the camera faces by rotating it. Dome cameras do not stick out from the wall, and it feels less commercial. Alternatively, 5MP CCTV bullet cameras look more dominant and obvious. It lets people know it is a serious location. It comes with big sunshield so it is more suitable for places that have too much sunshine, however both our dome and bullet cameras can be used for outdoor installation. As our 5MP outdoor security cameras are vandal and weatherproof. Both dome and bullet 5MP outdoor security cameras have an iconic design with all-new modern specification.

    5MP Fixed & 5MP Varifocal CCTV camera vs 5MP Motorised Lens CCTV Camera

    Our 5MP camera comes with 2 different lens setup. A fixed lens come with a 2.8mm wide angle which captures a wide space such as a front garden or large office - for places you do not need to view and record a large area all the time and do not require zoom-in.

    Alternatively, we offer a varifocal lens which comes with a 2.8mm to 12mm lens, though this type of camera costs slightly more. It has two nodes you can twist to zoom in and zoom out. You can fix this camera anywhere and adjust the lens according to your needs. If you need to zoom in @ 12mm to see details far away or zoom out to see wider views @ 2.8mm.

    Last but not least, there is an even better solution but comes with a much higher cost. It is a varifocal camera with a motorised lens. It is the same as the varifocal camera, but you can zoom in and out automatically using software or an app. If you installed the camera high up, and do not wish to climb up to adjust the lens, you can simply use your phone or computer to adjust it.

    How to choose a Recorder for 5MP CCTV Kit

    Recorders are very flexible with video resolution. There aren’t specific definitions for 5MP CCTV recorders. Most of the recorders nowadays which support 5MP can also support 8MP - it really depends on the channel setting. Higher-end recorders can support 8 Channel 8MP input at the same time. The cost of this recorder will be dramatically higher compared to recorders that only support 8 Channel 5MP input. Take a look at the example below:

    5MP 8MP
    Recorder A 8 4
    Recorder B 8 8

    Due to the input limitation, both recorders support up to 8 channel input. However, due to the higher CPU on recorder B, it can support 8 channels at 8MP. But the cost will be much higher than recorder A. If you are not going to use 8MP, then there is no point paying the higher premium for recorder B.

    5MP PoE CCTV is a Must (Built-in CCTV Switch)

    Most 5MP PoE CCTV IP cameras have a PoE port. This means you don’t need an extra power supply to power the camera. As soon as you plug the camera into a PoE port, the camera is powered and connected. If you purchase an NVR without a PoE switch, you will need to purchase an additional PoE Switch and then connect the PoE switch to the recorder. We offer a range of PoE switches, however, we recommend you to opt for an NVR with built-in PoE for ease of use. We strongly believe that the 5MP PoE security camera system is truly the best solution for home and business.

    Best 5MP security camera system comes with Sony Sensor

    We did many tests to compare Sony's sensor vs other brands. Generally, in the daytime, the best 5MP security camera equipped with Sony sensor captures clearer and sharper images with higher contrast and more accurate colour - also there's not much difference between major brands in the daytime due to sufficient sunlight.

    The major difference becomes obvious in lower light situations. When the sun starts to set and the environment gets darker, the difference between image quality becomes much more noticeable.

    When the light becomes low but not yet fully dark, the camera will still capture images with its true colour. Cameras with Sony's sensor have a much better colour recovery, higher saturation and contrast, and much less noise - while other brands start to lose details and turn into a more washed out, noisy result.

    As the day finishes, and the environment becomes pure darkness. All cameras turn to night vision. This means the footage will become black and white. Cameras with Sony's sensor capture sharper details with highlights and expose more content in dark corners. Ultimately, night time is a more sensitive period for 5MP CCTV cameras.

    All our cameras use Sony's sensor as we believe it will deliver the best result for your 5MP CCTV system. However, there are many very cheap 5MP CCTV cameras out there using alternatives which have the same specification with less satisfying results. As a metaphor. You can buy a car with the same 3L engine. But the performance can vary a lot between a German engine vs others. In terms of 5MP CCTV sensor, the are many different chipset suppliers for 5MP CCTV cameras and systems. Sony is undoubtedly the leader for quality as they capture sharper images compared to other sensors.

    Looking for 3MP CCTV kits?

    The Zxtech 3MP complete CCTV system with High Dynamic Range (HDR) and the latest H.265 compression. HDR provides a wider colour range giving clarity to the video, with the support of future H.265 compression giving you more for less. The system comes with 2.4+ ONVIF standard compatibility. We have merged all the high-end features into these new 5MP Super HD CCTV Kits. You will now love it even more.

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