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The ultimate place to buy your next CCTV kits, CCTV cameras, and CCTV recorders. We offer complete wireless, IP, and AHD CCTV systems.

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Wireless CCTV Systems

No more data cables. Wireless provides greater flexibility and ease of setup by avoiding the need for a cable to the recorder. Our complete wireless CCTV kits get you up and running fast.

Wireless CCTV Kits

5MP CCTV Systems

More than twice the resolution of our 2MP cameras gaining more successful imagery. These cameras come with updated on-board chips which provide the higher specification without increasing the price. 

5MP Wireless Kits 5MP PoE Kits 5MP AHD Kits 5MP IP Cam 5MP AHD Cam

IP CCTV Systems

Our complete full-HD IP CCTV systems. 1080p and Ultra-High-Definition recording. The professional solution for your home, office, store, or warehouse, but with a more involved setup than our wireless solutions.

IP Cameras NVRs

Analog CCTV Systems

AHD Analog CCTV cameras and recorders have stood the test of time, having been used as the de-facto standard prior to digital. They offer a plug-and-play installation with typical recording options, though require a special DVR to record the footage to digital formats.

AHD Cameras XVRs

Zxtech CCTV Collection

The latest collection of all our signature Zxtech IP, Wireless, and Analog cameras; along with our NVR and DVR recorders.


Standalone Wireless CCTV Cameras

All the latest technology fused into a small camera. 2-way audio. Long-range wireless, super-high resolution, PTZ and more; allows our small-but-capable camera to offer the widest general use.


CCTV Cameras

New, super-charged CCTV cameras. Ultra-HD, panorama, SD-card storage, 2-way audio, wireless, superb night-vision & waterproof, all in our latest design.

Wireless Cam PoE Cam
5MP Cam 4K+ Cam

CCTV Recorders

Explore our wide range of DVR, NVR, XVR recorders. Full-HD and Ultra-HD recording whilst allowing you to record longer footage due to the latest H.265 video file format.

PoE NVRs NVRs XVRs Wireless Recorder

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