Power Splitters for CCTV System

3 products

    3 products
    Zxtech 4 Way  DC Splitter | MK8S31N
    Zxtech 4-Way DC Splitter
    Zxtech 2-Way DC Splitter
    Zxtech 8 Way  DC Splitter | MK80398
    8-Way DC Splitter
    Split the power between two or more devices. Choose from 2-Way, 4-Way or 8-Way splitter the one that best suits your needs. Get all power accessories with a one year warranty. Power connectors 2.1mm on the power splitter. High quality. Technical Support. Pre-sale support. Visit us online or call on 0203 695 0315. To efficiently power up your CCTV Cameras, you need to use power splitters. For example, if you have 4 cameras. You can use 1 PSU and connect to a 4-way power distributor, its way split power evenly to each of your cameras.
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