CCTV Accessories

CCTV Accessories

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    Zxtech 8 Way  DC Splitter | MK80398
    8-Way DC Splitter

    CCTV Accessories

    A one-stop shop of CCTV accessories for all types of CCTV Systems. Explore cables and connectors, power adaptors, video baluns, monitors, Wi-Fi accessories, hard drives, camera brackets, junction boxes, audio modules, switches and more, all designed to work with CCTV systems.

    Ready Made Cables

    Buy various lengths of pre-made cables for your NVR and DVRs. Network CAT 5/6 cables are made for IP cameras and NVRs. BNC Siamese cables are designed for analog cameras and DVRs/XVRs.

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    Camera Brackets

    Universal mounting brackets for all shapes of CCTV cameras. Various ring-shaped bases for dome and bullet CCTV cameras. L-shaped wall-space brackets for PTZ CCTV cameras.

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    Junction Box

    Waterproofing for your CCTV cables and connectors.

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    Hard Drives

    Professional CCTV-grade hard disk drives for reliable recording.

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    Networking Parts

    Extend Your IP system with network switches and cables.

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    Enhance your CCTV infra-red night vision even further.

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    Keyboard and joystick devices to allow you to remote control PTZ cameras.

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    Monitor and Display

    Choose different sizes of CCTV monitors for live viewing.

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    Enable Audio on Your CCTV system with extenral microphones.

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    SD Cards

    Enable local recording on certain CCTV cameras with an SD card slot.

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    Build your own CCTV cables with crimping and stripping tools.

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    Coaxial Cable

    Make your own extended CCTV cables (up to 100 metres).

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    BNC Connector

    Splitting and extending CCTV footage with creative solutions.

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    DC Connector

    Tailor your own CCTV power cable that meets your bespoke needs.

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    Audio Connectors

    Spliting & Entending CCTV Audio with Creative Solutions.

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    Video Balun

    Enhance your CCTV video streaming quality over long distances.

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    VGA & HDMI Cables

    Connect Your recorder to various types of monitors and displays.

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    Monitor Brackets

    Fix your CCTV monitor or display to the wall.

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    Power Adaptors

    Powering up your cameras and recorders with correct voltage and amps.

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    Power Distributors

    Delivering power to multiple CCTV cameras with one box.

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    PoE Connectors

    Extend IP CCTV cameras with Power over Ethernet accessories.

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    Smart Home

    A collection of futuristic and clever smart home cameras.

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