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CCTV Recorders

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    Ultra HD CCTV Recorders

    Explore our CCTV Network Video Recorders (NVR) for IP cameras and Digital Video Recorders (DVR) for analog cameras. Also Network/Digital Video Recorders (XVR/DVR) as the combined solution for both IP and analog recording. H.265+ compression allows longer recordings with smaller hard disk drive requirements. Powerful, reliable multi-core CPU for high-quality CCTV footage streaming and recording from multiple sources. Designed to secure residential and commercial properties. Third-party iOS, Android, and web software can be used to securely, remotely view on mobiles and computers anywhere in the world. Allows storage up to 16 TB.


    PoE NVR
    4CH NVR
    8CH NVR
    16CH+ NVR

    Explore our range of NVR's designed for ultra-high-definiton IP cameras connected by standard network CAT 5/6 cables. Power over Ethernet (PoE) NVRs with built-in PoE ports help simplify the hardware installation.


    4CH XVR
    8CH XVR
    16CH+ XVR

    DVR/XVR is the combined solution for both IP & analog cameras. These are excellent for expanding your existing analog setup by allowing you to also connect newer, ultra-HD IP cameras without having to replace everything at once.

    CCTV Recorder - Onyx

    Explore Onyx Range

    Our most modern recorders come packed with all the lastest technology. Powerful CPU and purpose-built operating system allows you to record up to 4K 8 megapixel resolution on every single channel.

    CCTV Recorder - Mini

    Explore Mini Range

    Our most popular solution for light weight CCTV requirements. Modern and minimalist, compact design. Easy to configure and get started, whilst maintaining great value.

    Network Components

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    Explore our range of networking components perfect for your NVRs. Perhaps you need to expand your set up with more cameras with an external switch, Or need a PoE switch to convert an NVR into a PoE system.

    Ready Made Cables

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    We supply various lengths of pre-made cables for your NVR and DVRs. Network CAT 5/6 cables are made for IP cameras and NVRs. BNC Siamese cables are designed for analog cameras, DVRs and XVRs.

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