Confusing between Sony EXview HAD CCD II sensor & SONY Effio-E DSP

Sony EXview HAD CCD II sensor & SONY Effio-E DSP

Before get into deep, we need to explain 2 concepts. CCD & DSP

DSP is short for Digital Signal Processor camera is used primarily for surveillance. The signal processor within the camera receives the information from the Charged Coupled Device or CCD and combines it into video frames,

In another word. CCD is like your eye, it receives the light, and the DSP is like your brain which processes the light into images. They work together to form a working system

Sony produces many different components for CCTV Cameras. In their CCD ranges. They have developed a system called EXview Had CCD II.

Effio-e on the other hand is the DSP processor sony developed.

Read more into this topic by download this document from Sony. In many cases, suppliers for your product will only write Sony EXview HAD CCD II sensor or SONY Effio-E DSP on your user manual. there is nothing to be suspicious about. We primarily selling Sony CCD+DSP. We believe it is the best system on the market.