How to do Firmware updates

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IP cameras

How to update IP camera:

IPCSearcher software links:

IPCSearcher version 3

IPCSearcher version 4

IPCSearcher version 5.1.14

IPCSearcher version 5.1.28

IPCSearcher version 6

IPCSearcher version 7

Network Video Recorders

Update process:

1.Format a USB memory stick (1st generation recorders: 2-8GB, 2nd generation: 2-32GB) and use FAT32 file system (or NTFS if FAT32 is unavailable).

2.Copy the update file on to the USB stick.

3.Plug the memory stick into the recorder's USB port.

4.Go to Main menu ↦ System(in 'Setup' section, 3rd row)↦ Update.

Select update file (click) from a list (if you do not see file on the list, press 'Refresh' button).

Press 'Upgrade'.

During the update process, the recorder may reboot a few times and it may make beeping sounds. It will take around 5-15 minutes, NVR will reboot on its own after the update's finished.

5.Check the firmware version to make sure update was successful in Main menu ↦ System(in 'Info' section, 2nd row)↦ Version info.