Things to consider with Wireless Cameras

Wireless cameras can be an excellent solution for the tougher installations and wiring around the premises. However, they are wireless which means they are relying on a signal to work.

When you are using wireless cameras you may find that they keep dropping off from the recorder or you can no longer find them on the network. 

Here are some checks you can perform.

  1. You can log into the IP address of the camera, as you did when you configured the camera. When you scan for your network you will also see a signal strength indicator. Anything below 60-70 in strength may cause drop offs. 
  2. Anything below 50 will not be suitable. 


You can connect the cameras to signal boosters in order to resolve distance issues. Signal boosters will enable the signal to go further; providing a more stable connection. You can also use ‘Ethernet powerline adaptors’ that transfer the connection using the electric circuit board.