Zxtech UltraViolet-Range CCTV XVR Recorder

Zxtech Navy-Range CCTV XVR Recorder

Modern design with a choice of High Definition recording resolutions up to 4K. Navy range comes with complete coverage for all your needs and allows remote viewing via your iOS/Android device. Dual hard drive support allows for expansive storage, whilst the Analog, IP, CVI, TVI and AHD standards support allows connectivity to any current networks and monitors. See Products

Zxtech Green-Range CCTV XVR Recorder

The XVR range is affordable, super powerful and wirelessly extendable. It comes with advanced software which enables motion detection with masking, and scheduling. Setting up cloud access is as easy as scanning a QR code. It seamlessly supports both IP and analogue cameras at the same time. See Products

Classic-Range & Blue-Range XVR Recorder

The legendary, long-lasting, classically designed recorder is now fully compatible with all analogue and IP standards. It evolved from the widely popular DVR to a full-blown XVR with maximum functionality. As always, it comes with remote access and the free app. See Products

Zxtech Helps Solve Crime. Proven

Over the past 10 years, our CCTV systems have helped many UK residents and businesses provide crucial evidence to law enforcement to assist in solving crimes, and providing evidence in court. See All Recorders

5 Megapixel Recorders

Record your footage with ultra-clear picture. The 5 Megapixel resolution gives extremely fine detail for CCTV imagery which can make all the difference when it is relied on. H.265 decoding offers more than 25 channels of High Definition input. See Products

Cloud Access

Every recorder we sell comes with free cloud access. Simply scan a QR code and you are all set. See your home/office from wherever you are, whenever you want. See all UltraViolet Range

Choice the Right Hard Drive

To find out the perfect size hard drive for your recorder, take the total number of cameras you have and add together their resolution and decoding standard. Multiply this by how many days you would like to keep the recording and you have your answer. Learn and Compare