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Night Vision CCTV Security Cameras

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    Night Vision CCTV cameras

    Looking for the best night vision CCTV cameras for outdoor? Do the CCTV cameras you are looking for have the best night vision, should you buy wireless night vision security cameras, which one to choose, or shall you install the night vision security camera through glass windows? It’s not that easy even after reading lots of reviews about night vision security cameras. In order to sort out all your confusions regarding night vision security camera below we explained everything related and important aspects.

    What is Night vision CCTV?

    Night vision CCTV is the ability of security cameras to see in low-light or no light conditions. By utilising Infra-Red, CCTV cameras allow Night Vision to be effective even in the lowest of light conditions whilst still showing clear colour pictures during daylight hours.

    What is Night vision CCTV camera?

    Night vision CCTV cameras are also known as Infrared cameras or IR cameras. Infrared LEDs are positioned around the outer edges of the camera lens which gives the camera night vision. Zxtech night vision security cameras use infrared (IR) LED technology in low light, these CCTV cameras turn on their night vision to record and view surveillance video during low light and complete darkness. Night vision CCTV cameras are available in different shapes, such as dome cameras, bullet cameras and PTZ cameras.

    Many attempted break-ins and burglaries happen at night, under the cover of darkness. To improve the security of your home or business at night there are things you can do, such as installing motion-sensitive lighting, for example, night vision CCTV cameras are most likely to help you sleep soundly at night. Night vision CCTV cameras are motion-sensitive and send real-time alerts when movement is detected, so you’ll know instantly if someone is trying to access your property without your permission. But security cameras without night vision can’t see in the dark, so they won’t always be able to detect motion and send you that essential alert to your phone.

    How Night vision CCTV cameras works?

    There are three different types of night vision technology available, every type of technology has a different working mechanism. It is very important to know about the working mechanism of a night vision security cameras. Night vision CCTV technology is very clever, as it floods an area with invisible light that the human eye can’t see – but the night vision CCTV camera lens can. the human eye will see it as pitch black and won’t be able to detect the IR light at all, but the camera will be able to record in fantastic clarity using the bright light produced. The reason human eye can’t see IR light is that it has a longer wavelength and lower frequency than normal light that is visible to the human eye.

    What is the best Night vision CCTV camera?

    The best Night vision CCTV cameras use a technology called "Smart InfraRed". Smart IR is a technology built into some CCTV cameras that adjusts the intensity of the camera’s infrared LEDs to compensate for the distance of an object so that the infrared does not overexpose the object.

    What is Long-range Night vision security camera?

    Long range night vision security cameras are those which offer long range IR distance. Zxtech long range night vision CCTV cameras cover 100m (300 feet) which helps you to monitor day and night. Zxtech SnowyOwl night vision security camera allows you to zoom and focus giving you a wide angle of coverage and recommended for professional and commercial use.

    Why use Night Vision security cameras?

    A night vision CCTV camera can be an excellent tool for a wide range of different applications. For example:

    • Night vision CCTV cameras can detect motion and send you an alert most commonly use to protect home or business.
    • Stopping fly tippers – if you’ve ever felt frustrated that fly tipping or other antisocial behaviour always seems to happen at night when you’re not watching, night vision cameras can help you to gather essential evidence to stop it in its tracks.
    • Capturing wildlife footage - whether you’re trying to identify an unwanted pest or take a precious glimpse of shy nocturnal animals near your property.
    • With Night vision security cameras you can capture faces and number plates to provide to the authorities.
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