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Face Recognition CCTV Kits

What are Face Recognition CCTV Kits

Smart Artificial Intelligence

face recognition cctv kits

Smart Face Detection

Explore our new super clever face recognition CCTV kits with face detection cameras and recorders. Simply select a face to instantly play and export any footage detected for that person, saving you a lot of time from going through hours of unrelated footage. AI technology also avoids false motion alerts by ensuring the motion was caused by an actual person. Explore our Face Recognition Cameras

A.I. Wandering Detection

A.I. Wandering Detection

Zxtech Face Recognition CCTV Kits can detect people who wandering within the same area. Use the cursor to draw single or multiple areas on the screen to setup wandering rules. If wandering is detected designated region, the camera can trigger recording, buzzer alarm or email alert.

A.I. People Gathering Detection

A.I. People Gathering Detection

You can control the crowd by enabling the people gather detection. Zxtech Face Recognition CCTV Kits intelligently detect the proportion of the space that is occupied by people within the region. If the proportion exceeded your designated parameter, the camera can trigger recording, buzzer alarm or email alert.

A.I. Regional Intrusion Detection

A.I. Regional Intrusion Detection

Use the cursor to draw single or multiple areas on the screen to setup region intrusion detection rules. Once a human walk into one of the designated region, face detection can trigger recording, buzzer alarm or email alert.

A.I. Line Crossing Detection

A.I. Line Crossing Detection.

Use the cursor to draw single or multiple lines on the screen to setup line crossing detection rules. You can set up one-way line crossing or 2-way line crossing to fit your purpose. Once a human walk passes the line and face are detected, the camera can trigger recording, buzzer alarm or email alert.

How Does Facial Recognition Technology Work.

Home Security System with Super Brain

How does Face Recognition Work with CCTV System

Requires High Level of Computing Power.

Face recognition IP CCTV system is the true modern solution for your surveillance needs. With face detection & analysis been very processing power hungry, recorder which handles multiple stream of camera will not be able to cope with the computing power needs. IP CCTV camera works different from the traditional analog cameras as it works like a standard alone computer. The image processing, motion detection, network configuration and other computing activities are happening on the camera side.

Fundamentally, detecting face on a just is long mathematical formula that goes through every single pixel of the footage, frame by frame. With our standard 30fps realtime streaming, it has 15 million pixels needed to be analysed every second for 5MP system. And 24 million pixels to be analysed every second for 4K CCTV system. A powerful chipset on the camera is absolutely the key.

a graphical chart of face recognition vs camera resolution

Requires More Pixel to improve the Face Recognition.

Clarity of the footage is the Key.

A face on the CCTV footage is made up by a lot of pixels. Just like human eyes, Under certain clarity human brains are very hard to differentiate a face for certainty. In computing world, a 30 x 30 pixel is an absolute minimal for recognition. The higher the resolution of the face is, the higher chance the face is getting recognised. In general, we recommend 5 meters as appropriate distance for best result face detection.

Use telelens to narrow the view.
Better recognition within 5 Metres.

With a lower resolution camera, human face must be pretty close to the camera for a good recognition. The closer the human face is, the bigger of the proportion that the face is on the whole frame.

Increase the resolution.
Increase the resolution.

With a higher resolution camera. further objects have a better resolution. For example. 5MP resolution camera can recognise the same human face 2x of the distance while compare to a 2MP resolution camera. A 4K 8MP camera can recognise the same human face 4x of the distance while compare to a 2MP resolution camera

Better recognition within 5 Metres.
Use telelens to narrow the view.

If you have bought the varifocal cameras, you can mannual or automatically narrow the viewing angle by optically zoom in. Traditionally, the bigger the number is (for example 12mm), the narrower the field of the vision is. If your gate is far away from where the camera is installed, this can be the solution. Otherwise, buying the higher resolution camera is the ultimate solution.

Camera Resolution & Near Field Face Res.

Resolution Pixel Count Standard Face Res
2MP 1920 x 1080 2073600 33 x 33
3MP 2048 x 1536 3145728 46 x 46
5MP 2560 x 1960 5017600 60 x 60
8MP 3266 x 2450 8001700 72 x 72
12MP 4000 x 3000 12000000 92 x 92

Additional Benefits of Face Recognition Technology.

AI Enhancements

Face detection cannot just work alone. It works with tons more incredible features that make your whole system even smarter. The key feature is no other than the super and ultra high resolution that allows the chips to analysis and the human face. All other features that mentioned below are also the unmissable part of the system

features that enhance face recognition

Amazing Enhancement for Face Detection.

Comprehensive Mobile Access

Comprehensive Mobile Access.

Remote access your camera anytime & anywhere with the free App. Unlike some tacky looking outdated app, this app is designed for the lasted iOS and Android system. You can perform tasks such as receive alert notification, live stream, playback, remote recording and many remote configs. With the power AI Chipset You can receive accurate human face detection notification.


Integrated Audio

Integrated Audio.

Come with onboard Microphone. This Zxtech CCTV Camera already comes with the ability to record sound out of the box. Sound and voice recording are likely to provide more evidence for police investigation as well as internal investigation if a incident occurs.


Integrated Memory

Integrated Memory.

Face recognition works even better if you can capture a buffer onboard for quick access. 4GB integrated onboard memory on the camera itself provides 90 minutes 5MP recording, or 60 minutes 4K recording. It provides a short time buffer backup. You can optionally extend the memory with a SD Card up to 512GB for up to 7 days 5MP recording, or 5.5 days 4K recording.


Extendable Memory

Extendable Memory.

You can extend the onboard memory by inserting a Micros SD card into the camera up to 512GB. It can store up to 7 days 5MP recording, or 5.5 days 4K recording. Recording length can be extended by turning on the motion or AI detection. It works as a excellent backup option for a recorder. Face recognition is at its most convenient with onboard memory.


Reliable Sony Starvis Chipset

Reliable Sony Starvis Chipset.

Artificial intelligence works well with a better image. At its core, detect face depends on the ability to analysis the final images. Images are made of pixels that are captured by the image sensor. Zxtech IP Camera solely uses Sony Starvis Chipset for reliable, accurate and crystal clear video quality. Sony is commonly recognised as the top tier security chipset brand that are used by premium CCTV brands that does not comprise on product quality. With its uncompromising result, its guaranteed to have higher recognition rate than any other systems.


Bandwidth and Storage Saving H265+

Bandwidth and Storage Saving H265+.

H265+ is the latest compression technology that enables higher resolution video to be transmitted in a much lower band-with and stored in a much smaller hard drive. H.265+ needs 50% of hard drive space for the same video while it compares to H.265, and 25% to H.264. Analysis and store the footage with face detection requires both the camera the recorder working as a team. It is processing power hungry. With the best encryption technology, this system are design for a smooth AI operation.


120dB HDR used in self-driving technology

120dB HDR used in self-driving technology.

Normal image sensor comes with dynamic range of 60-80 dB, This camera comes with 120dB that can be found in self-driving cars. The dB unit is the ratio of the brightest and the dimmest object that can be captured by the camera. The higher the ratio, the better your picture will be in low light. With a improved contrast rate, the algorithm have a much better chance of filtering out human faces from the 120dB HDR enhanced image.


IP67 Waterproof

IP67 Waterproof.

To survive under the British weather. Zxtech cameras has upgraded it waterproof rating from IP66 to IP67. Compare to most of the cameras out there, IP67 rated Camera dramatically decrease the chance of getting moisture and fog inside the camera lens during the hot and wet seasons.


Made with Metal for Vandel Proo

Made with Metal for Vandel Proof.

Zxtech IP Cameras uses metallic, solid and vandal proof cases, and it lasts considerably longer than any other cheap plastic camera brand out there. The heavy premium finish allows uncompromising long last quality of the camera that will protect your properly years to come.


implicity with PoE

Simplicity with PoE.

Despite PoE a.k.a Power over Ethernet is a must have feature for an IP Camera. It transmits data and power with a single ethernet cable. With a PoE switch or a Zxtech PoE Recorder, It saves the needs for an extra power cable and power adapter. It is a truly simply yet reliable setup.


Night Vision with LED Infrared

Night Vision with LED Infrared.

Zxtech’s face detection work with the image contrast. Therefore it will works as well during the night with a great night vision.. Leveraging the latest LED Infrared technology, with less yet more powerful bubbles, It turns on automatically when the environment turns dark and produces enhanced level of infrared waves that allows the sensor to capture a better video even further down the street.