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Zxtech CCTV Security Cameras

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    11 products

    Zxtech CCTV Camera System

    Zxtech Supply High-Quality IP and analog CCTV Cameras. We work to provide fast Delivery and Warranty for all products. Night Vision, Motion Sensor, IR are key features for any camera provided. Order online or visit In-Store. Protect and Monitor your property or business. We also provide pre-sale and after sale advice and Technical Support. 2.4MP, 3MP, 5MP or 4K (Ultra HD) Cameras.

    Design and Craftsmanship

    Beautiful, Functional, 360 Degree Rotation

    The Zxtech team is involved in every part of the product development. From blueprint, 2D conception, 3D rendering and mould creation. They make sure their badge is printed on a product which we are proud to sell and proud to show to our friends and family. We want their product because it is not only beautiful but also functional, flexible and future-proof.

    Waterproof Shell for Outdoor and Indoor Use

    Tightly Sealed Body for even the Toughest Weather

    British weather is unpredictable. Having a properly sealed camera housing is vital to prevent water damage. Zxtech has invested in developing a waterproof structure that has an IP66 rating. Install your camera indoor or outdoor, exposed to the elements with peace of mind.

    Super Wide Angle with 160 Degree View

    Great Solution for Small or Large Premises

    Super wide angle CCTV lens creates a great viewing angle that is enough for front doors, tall ceilings, Large rooms, big offices, large gardens, car park, shopping centres, warehouses, open fields, farms, manufactural facilities. A great solution for all needs such as domestic, business and manufactural use.

    Vandal-proof Steel Casing

    Polished to the Finest Detail

    Zxtech camera casings are created with intense care. All of their dome and bullet cameras are strong, seamless, tough, and highly polished. This gives the inner components long-lasting protection against vandalism and weather. Our precision leaves no imperfection.

    Great Night Vision

    Next Generation Infrared Technology Makes the Invisible, Visible

    Zxtech Infrared technology gives your camera a brilliant night vision. Whilst infrared light is invisible to human eyes, the camera can see it clearly. Even when it is pitch black, your camera can still see what is going on. Even perfect for long gardens.

    Fixed Lens for Brighter and Clearer Image

    Easy Installation, Instant Sharpness

    Fixed lens kick starts your installation with instant sharp vision. The popular fixed lens makes your camera hassle-free to install. Fixed 3.6mm, 5mm, 6mm lens has less light loss, it creates better colour and Brighter picture.

    Varifocal 2.8-12mm Zoom and Focus Lens

    Zoom in to see Car Reg, Zoom out to see Car Park

    Varifocal Lens is suitable for both large and small spaces. It is flexible to zoom in and focus on a small part and zoom out to overview the landscape. If it is hard to decide lens specification, varifocal is your best solution.

    Zxtech Next Generation Chip with Sony Processor

    A Very Powerful Brain for Your CCTV System

    By working with great chipset partners, the Zxtech chipset turbocharges your CCTV setup. A good chipset removes the bottleneck of your CCTV system allowing your camera to achieve its maximum potential. Zxtech only use the most appropriate chipset to be the brain of your cameras.

    Greater Colour with IR Cut Technology

    Infrared Filter Enhances the Vibrance of Your CCTV Footage

    Extra IR-Cut Filter Removable (ICR) uses a mechanical shutter. It is controlled by a dedicated motor. In daylight, it automatically switches on to block infrared light allowing only natural light to pass through creating beautiful natural footage. At night time, the ICR switches off to allow infrared light to fall on the sensor, creating a sharp and crispy night vision image.

    I.P. & Wireless CCTV Camera System Features

    100 Metre Wireless Range

    Far reaching wireless signal

    If there is no obstacle, your wireless camera can reach as far as 100 metres. It is suitable for both small houses and large properties.

    Universal Router Compatibility

    Stand Alone Possibility

    Powerful backend software provides universal compatibility with common routers and modems such as Cisco, D-Link, BT, Virgin, Netgear, Linksys, TP-Link and more. This means your wireless cameras can work alone without any additional special equipment.

    Cut the Cord!

    Wireless. No data cables needed.

    Zxtech strongly believes in a wireless future. Zxtech are committed to cutting the cord on future devices and make the setup and installation as simple as possible.

    Remote Viewing Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

    iPhone, iPad, Android Devices, PC, Mac, Chrome, Safari - Anything Relevant

    Zxtech smart cameras work on all relevant computer and mobile devices. This includes PC, Mac, modern browsers, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It is easy and quick to set up, allowing you to be pro-active in viewing your CCTV footage in real-time - anywhere, anytime.

    Modern Homes use Internet Cables

    Gigabit Data Bandwidth

    Ethernet cables handle data more efficiently. The bandwidth of an ethernet cable can handle more than a gigabit of data per second. It easily has the potential for 4K CCTV for your future-proof expansion plans.

    Power Over Ethernet a.k.a PoE

    Power and Data with Just 1 Cable

    PoE saves time setting up your cameras because it just needs a single cable to connect. Both data and power travel through the ethernet cable from your camera to your recorder. No extra power cable and power adapter is needed. One camera, one cable.

    AHD CCTV Camera System Features

    Universal Compatibility with Plug&Play

    Future-Proof with TVI, CVI, AHD

    Zxtech FusionConnect Technology provides universal compatibility to all BNC type cameras. Peace of mind if you are extending your CVBS traditional system. Peace of mind when the technology progresses in the future, such as TVI, CVI, AHD and much more.

    AHD with Real-time HD

    High Definition at a Smooth 25 fps

    Zxtech believes High Definition is the only way forward. By using an AHD camera sensor and a high power chipset, your camera captures a smooth video stream which is transmitted to your CCTV monitor in real-time at a minimum 25 frames-per-second. AHD has no annoying 2-second streaming delays compared to other types of CCTV system. AHD has no interference by network signal. Every frame appears spot on time.

    CCTV System Resolutions

    Experience 1080p with Full HD

    Full High Definition a.k.a FHD

    1080p a.k.a Full HD, a.k.a FHD, has in total 2.4 million pixels. Its the widely recommended full high definition standard that is used in high end TVs. It is nearly 3x sharper and clearer than the traditional HD concept and 4.3x sharper than traditional TVL cameras.

    3.4x Clearer than HD with 3 Megapixels

    150% Clearer than 1080p

    3 Megapixels a.k.a 3MP have in total 3.1 million pixels. Its a step up version of the full high definition standard that is used in premium TVs. It is nearly 3.4x sharper and clearer than the traditional HD concept and 150% sharper than Full HD.

    5.4x Clearer than HD with 5 Megapixels

    2.4x clearer than 1080p

    5 Megapixel a.k.a 5MP has in total 5 million pixels. Its a double step up version of the full high definition standard that is used in super premium TVs. It is nearly 5.4x sharper and clearer than the traditional HD concept and 2.4x sharper than Full HD.

    4K, Ultra HD, Enough Said

    400% sharper than 1080p. 900% sharper than HD

    4K a.k.a Ultra HD a.k.a UHD has in total 8.3 million pixels. It's the extreme version of high definition standard that is used in premium and concept TVs. It is nearly 400% sharper and clearer than Full HD 1080p and 900% shaper than the traditional HD concept.

    Turn on the Future with H.265

    Much Less Bandwidth, Much Higher Performance

    H.265 allows 4x Higher Resolution; 1.2x Better Colour; 2x Smooth Video; 4x Higher Efficiency, and endures 40x complexity. Enough said.

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