IP CCTV Security Cameras

IP CCTV Security Cameras

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    16 products

    What is an IP CCTV camera?

    An IP CCTV camera is a type of security camera that sends recorded data to a network via the internet. IP stands for “internet protocol”, referring to the way that the device transmits information.

    Explore Full IP CCTV System

    Most IP security cameras in the Zxtech range work in conjunction with a network video recorder (NVR). Alone, IP cameras can still be used for surveillance measures, but not all of them have their own recording mechanisms. Most Zxtech models have an SD card slot in the camera which saves the footage, but others rely on an NVR and HDD storage. The IP security camera will send the information to the NVR, which then stores it, and allows the footage and audio to be viewed remotely through the system. IP security cameras can easily be integrated into existing security systems, especially those which already use NVRs. Setting up an IP security camera takes only a few minutes and once it is connected to a router, its feed will be easily accessible from anywhere.

    IP CCTV Cameras are the UK’s most popular form of security, from brands such as Zxtech which is defining a new era of CCTV surveillance. Where an innovative SONY sensor works with the ISP, invisible infrared light and IR Cut technology to help you record higher resolution CCTV videos like never before. IP CCTV Cameras that offer a boosted Resolution and It works with Network Video Recorder (NVR).

    Access the security system from anywhere

    IP security cameras are capable of offering remote access to their live stream, as well as previously-recorded footage. Users can access the network via a computer that is connected to the system via the internet, or they can use a mobile device. IP security camera footage can be streamed to a phone or tablet simply by downloading the right app and logging into the system. Footage that has been stored by an accompanying NVR can be accessed via a cloud-based system so that users can easily bring up previous recordings from any location.

    The experience can be accessed remotely through live streaming & playback on your phone. Discover our exclusive selection of the newest technology in IP cameras with sound to secure your property or business.

    For total discreetness

    IP security cameras are perfect for situations that require minimal attention but should still be able to provide excellent-quality images and audio. These can be placed covertly wherever you need, in order to keep your home or business safe without drawing attention to them. Zxtech offers a wide range of wireless CCTV cameras, some of which can receive a wifi signal from up to 300 metres away from the modem, provided there are no obstacles. This range allows properties to be totally covered, with no sections left unprotected.

    The majority of the IP CCTV cameras offered by Zxtech utilize PoE technology. The network connection and power source are run through the same cable, reducing the number of wires that must be connected in order for the camera to function. The lower number of cables for this type of IP CCTV cameras helps them to blend into surroundings, even more than alternative camera models that are larger and have obvious connecting wires. This makes them harder to spot, and also harder for vandals to potentially damage or mess with. In general, fewer cables means that there will be a reduced number of hardware issues over the lifetime of the camera, reducing the need for camera maintenance. For those who are looking for an alternative to PoE cameras, Zxtech does offer non-PoE IP cameras as well.

    IP security cameras offer some of the clearest and high-quality footage, offering a significant level of security for your home or business. The Zxtech models all offer wide-angle vision, 1080p resolution, HD, 4K 12MP, 8MP UHD and 5MP Super HD resolution. IP security cameras provide a better quality of footage than other, analog cameras with the same specifications. The cameras offer a view range of at least 20 metres and are capable of picking up on minute details that can make all of the difference when there is a security breach. Many of the IP models offer 360-degree rotation so that they can easily be manoeuvred to get the best angles for safety and security. Adjusting the camera can often be done remotely via an online control system, or can also be done manually in person.

    Zxtech provides us with products as a trusted UK CCTV supplier. Here you can find the full range of IP cameras that are HD, 3MP, 5MP or 4K IP PoE CCTV cameras. The ideal and perfect security solution for your home or business.

    Designed for versatile usability

    IP CCTV cameras are known to have multiple different uses, and can easily be placed to suit all needs. Zxtech IP cameras are waterproof and built for indoor or outdoor placement. All of the cameras come equipped with night vision so that they can record valuable footage 24/7. Some of the models offer colour night vision for further security at all times of the day. The cameras have built-in LED lights, which help to illuminate an area that would be otherwise dark. The camera is securely encased in a glass and metal outer body (no matter what model you choose), which will protect the camera from harsh weather, but also from general wear and tear. IP cameras are an investment when looked after, and should be able to provide years of protection for a property.

    Some IP cameras in the Zxtech range also have built-in microphones. This enables them to pick up sound as well as video, creating greater security by recording more identifiable information. For those models that do not come with this service, it is always possible to attach a separate microphone to the camera. IP cameras are compatible with most external microphones, and setting up this additional hardware will only take an extra few minutes. Although microphones are not a necessity when it comes to security systems, more and more people are investing in them, for the peace of mind that they provide.

    CCTV cameras with audio extension and sound recording is a demanded feature. This combines the high definition video with high-resolution audio. Together with a compacted microphone, it delivers even more solid CCTV evidence.

    When it comes to IP CCTV cameras, there is a model to suit every budget. Zxtech offers a range that is affordable but still offers some of the highest-quality recording features on the market. A safe and secure home or business should be an option for everyone, without being too expensive.

    IP cameras that you can trust

    Discover our exclusive selection of the newest technology in IP cameras, to secure your property or business. IP CCTV Cameras will give a boosted resolution and It works with Network Video Recorders (NVRs). They transmit data over Ethernet cable instead of BNC cable. This selection is for those who are looking to obtain a new standard of CCTV. Explore the smartest and most advanced chip in CCTV Cameras, with the next-generation of Sony CCTV processor. Amazing high definition recording. Incredible motion recognition. Extreme clarity & fluidity in everything it sees.

    Domar is dedicated to providing customers with the best IP security cameras on the market. Zxtech cameras are of high quality and long-lasting, providing appropriate safety for any home or business. We offer all of our customers a 1-year warranty for all of our IP cameras. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase or it doesn't function correctly right after purchasing it, we will help. We also offer telephone support if you require help with setup, or to answer any questions regarding the purchase of an IP security camera.

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