Q. How do I get the Zxtech CCTV system on my phone?

Click here to see how you add the CCTV system to your android or IOS device.

Q. What is the Analog Camera controller for?

Click Here for the full article on analog camera modes

Q. Why does the recorder keep restarting or not load?

This is a problem that occurs when there is a hard drive inside. More information Here

The recorder does not contain a HDD/hard drive, we would recommend contacting our techsupport@domar.com for assistance.

Q. Do I need a firmware update?

Please read the article here about firmware updates.

Q. Why do my Zxtech wireless cameras keep disconnecting?

You can review the article here as to why wireless might not be working for you. 

Q. How do I configure my Zxtech wireless cloud cameras?

You can follow the guide we have Here

Q. Can I use Wireless and cabled cameras?

Wireless cameras can be a good solution for some situations and circumstances, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use wired cameras. 

Wireless cameras and wired cameras both operate through the network using an IP address. You can also use an XVR with analog cameras and wireless cameras. You can also email us at sales@domaroslutions.com or techsupport@domarolsutions.com for further information.

Q. How do I configure my Zxtech Tropox wireless cameras?

You can review the content here to see how it's done.

Q. What is resolution?

Resolution is the key indicator for the quality of the system. You may see systems with 2MP, 2.4MP, 5MP, 8MP and 12MP. These are all resolution indicators for the quality of the image.

Higher resolution does not mean you can see further in the image, but it does mean better quality and clarity with the picture. This is key for identifying people and details in footage and so the higher resolution means better identification.

When using digital zoom of the system, you will not lose as much detail. This means when enhancing the image, you won’t lose as much as quality or clarity.

Q. What does CCTV Stand for?

Click here to see all about CCTV.

Q. What lens should I choose when buying a camera.

Please click here to see advices for cameras lens.

Q. What hard drive should I choose when buying a recorder.

Please click here to see advices for HDD sizes.

Q. How to connect Hikvision IP cameras to Zxtech NVR recorder

A. Please click here to see the solutions.

Q. How to connect a Non-PoE Camera

A. Click here to read.

Q. How can you playback recorded files?

A. Menu > Playback > Select a date you wish to playback >search > then select a time.

Q. How do you restore the DVR to default settings?

A. Menu > Advanced > Maintance > Default Settings.

Q.My Hikvision DVR is just bleeping?

A. Please ensure that the Hikvision is set to "Pal", to do this please go to the menu and click on configurations.

Q. Which application should I use?

A. We recommend you visit the Support section /Mobile application on our website to download the correct application for your recorder or camera. For Hikvision we recommend you use their own application search "Hik-connect" in your app store.

Q.My DVR works just on the local network?

A. Please ensure that you have entered the correct details in the network settings of the DVR, such as the default gateway.

Q. How do you set-up motion detection?

Please follow the link here to the article for the process. 

Q. How do you set-up email?

A. You need to ensure that you have the correct SMTP server setting for your email provider. Then enter them into the DVR.

Q. Can the system be used indoor and outdoor?

A. Yes, we have outdoor and indoor cameras.

Q. How to connect the DVR to my television?

A. To connect the DVR to television you need to have a VGA port on your tv and a VGA cable. Once you have the cable you plug it into the VGA port on the dvr and then plug the other end into the port on the TV.

Q. Why can I not hear audio on my DVR?

A. In order to hear audio please make sure that audio is enabled, you then have to click on a channel so it is the full screen you then will be able to hear audio. If you wish to hear the audio when playing back files you also have to click on a channel to make it full screen.

Q. How to connect the mic to the DVR?

A. The microphones need to be connected into the audio input port these are under the camera channels. The microphone would only work with a channel that is being used e.g. put the microphone in channel 1 with the camera on channel 1.

Q. How to connect the camera to the DVR?

A. Using the BNC cables, connect one end to the camera than the other to the DVR. You then have to power the camera using the power adaptor.

Q. Does the camera work on night vision?

A. Yes, all our cameras have night vision.

Q. Does the DVR overwrite once the drive is full?

A. Yes, by default the DVR overwrites the data starting from the oldest files. This function can also disable this function.

Q. I get an error message saying “no route found” what does it mean?

A. You are not using the admin password that you have set-up on the DVR, you need to restart the DVR and enter the admin password you set-up.

Q. Do you have port forwarding guides?

A. Click here to see the Ports for different range of CCTV recorders. Please click here to see more information about Ports & Mobile Software Suggestions.

Q. What's the advice for CCTV camera installations.

A. Click here to see the advice for camera installations.

Q. What's the general Wifi signal guidance?

A. Click here to see the advice for Wifi Signal.

Q. Why is my recorder become hot?

Check here for tips to cue hot and noisy recorder.

Q. How to update firmware?

A. Please click here for firmware update guide.