Wireless CCTV System.

Explore the best Wireless CCTV systems for home and business features up to 300M Wireless range. These Wireless CCTV systems designed to keep your cable clutter to a minimum and make installation simple and easy. Wireless cctv systems featuring Internal storage, 2 way Audio, motion detection, long range night vision, waterproof and vandal-proof, remote view.

HD Kits 1080P Kits Wireless Cameras Wireless NVRs

HD Wireless CCTV Kits.


Wireless CCTV kits for home are compatible with all wireless router and internet service provider in the UK. These Wireless CCTV kits designed with features such as waterproof, varifocal lens auto zoom and remote viewing. Wireless CCTV Cameras comes with Sony Sensor. The easy and cable free installation makes the wireless CCTV system the best choice for home and business.

1080P Wireless CCTV kits.


Zxtech 1080P Wireless CCTV kits have already been installed by thousands of customers in the UK. Wireless security camera systems are easy to set up, auto connection, and save installation cost and time. Wireless CCTV kits are available in Dome and Bullet shapes and also suitable for outdoor and indoor installation.

Wireless CCTV Cameras.


The Zxtech Wireless CCTV Cameras have built-in antenna to deliver the longest signal transmission through a radio band. Wireless CCTV cameras are very popular among home security consumers because of their low installation costs. Wireless Security cameras features optical zoom, autofocus, motion recognition and motorised lens, built-in audio, SD card, and long range night vision.

5MP Wireless CCTV Kit.

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This is truly our best and most powerful Wireless CCTV Kits. Comes with our Ultimate Mini Wireless Recorder and Tropox 5MP. You will enjoy features such as 5 Megapixel recorder, audio recording, 2-way audio, SD card buffering, 300M signal range, super night vision and cableless installation with a great price.

Best Wireless CCTV System.

Looking for the best wireless CCTV system for home? Zxtech Wireless CCTV system with 4 x outdoor Wireless CCTV cameras is perfectly solution for home security. If you are looking for a security system, but do not wish to layout the network cables and drill holes, this 4 camera Wireless CCTV system is designed for you. Wireless NVR detect the wireless CCTV cameras automatically make easy setup.

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Wireless CCTV Camera with SD Card and Audio.

Trpox 5MP wireless CCTV Camera with SD card and built-in microphone and speaker records 2.5x clearer footage than 1080P HD resolution. SD Card slot allows you to use a memory card to save days of recording locally on the camera. H265+ compression ensures efficient use of hard drive. You can Listen, Talk and Record.


Wireless NVR with Integrated Screen.

All-in-One Wireless NVR made installation simple and easy through plug & play feature and 12” surveillance monitor, units. All-in-One support up to 5MP resolutions, H.265+ video compression and WIFI range of up to 300m. Reliability, Stability, and Ease of use.


Mini Wireless CCTV Camera.

Outdoor Wireless security cameras are ideal surveillance options at places where you may find it hard to route the cables. Zxtech CloudMini Wireless CCTV camera connect to Wireless NVR up to 100m without obstacles, up to 30m color night vision and record 2MP resolution.

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Wireless NVR.

Wireless NVR can receive signal from Wireless CCTV Cameras up to 300 metres and comes with 2 strong built-in antenna. Wireless NVR comes with built-in WIFI board compatible with uo tp 5MP Wireless CCTV Cameras. All-in-One Wireless NVR comes with 12" monitor, which offers maximum reliability. Zxtech Wireless NVR automatically detect Wireless CCTV cameras which allow you to place NVR anywhere in the house.

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Wifi CCTV System

The best Wireless CCTV system for home, business, private and public security. All cameras featuring up to 300 Metre WI-FI connection range, when no obstacles obscure connection. No more needing to layout data cables around your home to your network. Systems also have night vision, waterproof, vandal-proof and motion detection as a standard feature. Remote mobile access is enabled on all of the systems that you find on our site.
Compatible with All Major Wireless Routers
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