Best CCTV Kits for Home Security.

Wide Range of Great Value CCTV package including Full HD IP kits, AHD kits, UHD kits & Wireless CCTV kits. Our High Quality CCTV kits are truely Plug and Play with minimum configuration required.

IP CCTV Kits Wireless CCTV Kits



Explore the new, powerful, reliable, super high definition 5 Megapixel CCTV Kits. PoE ports is integrated on the 4 Channel and 8 Channel NVR. Price stays the same even the resolution is more than doubled. It comes with literally every feature you are looking for in a CCTV System.

16CH Gorilla 5MP Pro 4xHDD Kits.


A collection of professional high end kit with 4 internal HDD slot with up to 32TB of storage. With 16 Channel PoE built-in CCTV NVR. You can connect 16 Ultra HD IP Cameras. Select from 7 Different CCTV Cameras. These CCTV Systems are built for Pro installation with highest spec of everything.

1080p PoE CCTV Kits.


Explore the Ultimate 2MP range IP CCTV Kits come with PoE Cameras and NVRs. 4 Channel NVR with Built-in PoE Ports allows up to 4 PoE Cameras inputs. Top selling Zxtech IP PoE CCTV cameras packed in these 1080p CCTV kits are installed by hundreds and thousands of UK household.

1080p AHD CCTV Kits.


The new and improved Full HD 1080p CCTV systems are truly Plug & Play. No longer missing out on high quality recording with Analog system. These 1080p CCTV kits come with complete cables and power supplies. There is no need for configuration. Just plug the cameras into the recorder, live streaming will come on straight away.

Best Wireless CCTV systems for Home Security.

Wireless Kits Tropox Kits

Wi-Fi enabled camera automatically detects the recorder within Wi-Fi network. No cabling mean no clutter. Extremely quick to setup.

IP CCTV Systems.

Explore IP CCTV System

Full HD CCTV kits. Streaming CCTV footage through Network cables. Modern. Unlimited possibility for expansion & upgrade.

2/4 Cameras CCTV Kits.

2 Cam Kits 4 Cam Kits

Range of deals for 2 CCTV Camera set & 4 CCTV Camera set. Great Value. Complete set including cables, PSU, HDD, monitor and recorder.

720p Analog CCTV Kits.


AHD Cameras with 5in1 Sony chipset comes with full HD resolution matches IP system. Easy to setup. Plug & Play with instant video streaming.

4K CCTV Kits.

4K CCTV kits

Take advantage of efficient H.265 UHD NVR recorders. This CCTV kits now records 3MP, 4MP, 5MP & 8MP. Longer recordings with smaller HDD storage.

Best CCTV systems.

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Range of our most sold CCTV kits. Nearly 1 million CCTV cameras sold in the UK along with various type of CCTV kits. Top customer satisfactions.

Pano CCTV Kits.

360 Degree View. Single panorama camera covers every inch of your room. No dead corners. Record locally in the camera with SD Card. 2 way audio for conversation.

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PoE CCTV Kits.

PoE Cameras powered up by PoE NVR or Switch. CAT5/6 cable is used for both powering and streamming. No power adaptor and DC cables needed.

Explore PoE Kits
Explore our very wide range of IP CCTV kits. Including 1080p CCTV kits, 5MP CCTV Kits PoE CCTV Kits, Wireless CCTV kits. Our kits are suitable for any type of installation. You name it we have it. Resolution goes up as much as 4K. Great night vision and waterproof comes as standard to all our packages. Compare between IP, Wireless and Analog kits to find the best one for your needs.
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