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    124 products

    Best CCTV Camera Kits for Home Security.

    IP CCTV Camera Kits Wireless CCTV Kits
    AHD CCTV Camera Kits

    Discover our wide range of great value CCTV packages including full-HD IP, AHD, UHD, and wireless CCTV kits. Our high quality CCTV kits are truly plug-and-play requiring minimum setup to get up and running fast.

    4K CCTV Kits

    4K CCTV kits

    Take advantage of our efficient H.265 ultra high definition NVR recorders. These kits now record in 3MP, 4MP, 5MP, and 8MP allowing longer recordings but less data storage requirements. Depending on your needs, the cameras can record at 3MP (for storing more footage) or 8MP (for recording higher detail), depending on your specific needs.

    Smartest Zxtech Face Recognition Camera

    A.I. Face Recognition CCTV Kits

    Discover our newest, smartest artificial intelligent CCTV system. The Zxtech's tech breakthrough cameras accurately detect human faces. Combined with line-crossing, regional intrusion and wandering detection, your home is truly protected by the latest technology on the market.

    Best-seller CCTV Kits

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    Range of our best-seller CCTV kits. Nearly 1 million CCTV cameras have been sold in the UK along with various CCTV kits. Top customer satisfaction ensures you are getting a solid product that has been tried and tested.

    5MP PoE IP CCTV Camera Kits


    Explore our new, powerful, reliable, super-high-definition 5 megapixel CCTV Camera kits. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is integrated on the 4-channel and 8-channel Network Video Recorder (NVR). These kits come with every feature required in a modern CCTV system, with more than double the resolution of a typical kit whilst maintaining the same affordable price. 

    16CH Gorilla 5MP Pro 4xHDD Kits


    Our collection of professional high-end kit with four internal hard drive slots with up to 32TB of storage. You can connect up to 16 ultra-HD IP cameras at the same time. These CCTV Systems are built for professional installations and are aimed towards larger offices, retail stores, and warehouses.

    5MP Wireless CCTV Camera Kits


    Explore Zxtech's brand new collection of 5 megapixel Wireless CCTV camera kits with in-built microphone. You can broadcast, listen, and record audio to your footage. These cameras can optionally stream straight to a regular SD Card if plugged into the camera. The ultimate 5MP Tropox wireless camera is the most powerful and flexible general-purpose camera we provide.

    5MP Analog CCTV Camera Kits


    Explore our cost-effective range of 5 megapixel analog CCTV camera kits. These have our legendary compact eyeball design and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use whilst maintaining our simple plug-and-play set up.

    1080p PoE CCTV Camera Kits


    Explore our 2MP range of IP CCTV camera kits. The 4-channel NVR with built-in PoE ports allow up to four PoE cameras. These kits include our top-selling Zxtech IP PoE cameras and have been installed in hundreds and thousands of UK households.

    1080p AHD CCTV Camera Kits


    The new and improved full-HD 1080p CCTV camera kits are truly plug-and-play. These kits come complete with all required cables and power supplies with no need for configuration, allowing you to get set up straight away.

    Best Wireless CCTV Camera Kits for Home Security

    Wireless Kits Tropox Kits

    Our Wi-Fi cameras automatically detect the recorder within your Wi-Fi network. No data cables mean less clutter and easier flexibility.

    IP CCTV Kits

    Explore IP CCTV System

    Full-HD CCTV Camera kits. These modern kits stream CCTV footage through standard network cables allowing the most future-proof solution with new camera technologies. These kits are the perfect balance between ease-of-setup and power.

    2/4 Cameras CCTV Camera Kits

    2 Cam Kits 4 Cam Kits

    Discover our range of deals for 2 and 4 CCTV camera kits. These excellent value starter packs are perfect for entry-level solutions with minimal cost. These come complete with cables, PSU, hard drives, monitor, and recorder.

    720p Analog CCTV Camera Kits


    AHD cameras with 5-in-1 Sony chipset comes with full-HD resolution. Easiest to setup due to plug and play.

    Panoramic CCTV Kits

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    360-degree view in one viewport. A single panoramic camera covers every inch of your room. Footage is recorded locally to the camera with a regular SD card. Two-way audio allows you to listen into the room, and converse with any occupants. These cameras provide excellent peace of mind whilst away from home, and doesn't require you to setup a recorder or networking.

    PoE CCTV Kits

    Explore PoE Kits

    Our PoE cameras are powered by a PoE recorder or switch. Regular CAT5/6 cables are used to provide power to the camera whilst also steaming video allowing for much easier cabling whilst retaining the functionality of professional CCTV requirements.

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