Best Wireless CCTV System for Home with max 4 Wireless CCTV Cameras

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  • Far Reaching Wireless Range. Best Wireless CCTV System for Home. Up to 300 Metre Wifi Range (No Obstacles)
  • Super HD with 5MP Resolution with Realtime Live Streamming with HDMI or VGA Connection
  • Motion Detection
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Great 30M NightVision
  • Vandal-proof with Solid Metallic Body
  • Video Compression H.265+
Best Wireless CCTV system for home

Best Wireless CCTV System for Home

It's finally here, the best wireless CCTV system for home is available to UK customers. With Max 9 x Wireless CCTV cameras and 1 x CCTV Recorder, this complete kit is easy to set up with no network cabling at all. If you need a system for your home, but do not wish to drill holes and layout the networking cabling, this might be the best choice for you. Setup is very simple. Just power it up, the recorder will be able to detect the wireless CCTV Cameras automatically. Even you do not have any CCTV knowledge, you should be able to set it up within a short time. We tested setup time with some of our customers, we manage to get an average setup time within 10 minutes.

How to connect Zxtech Wireless Cameras

Unmatchable Simplicity

Setting the camerа up is literally with 3 steps. Power up the camera and press the reset button for 15 seconds. Connect the whole system and Use the display for a quick setup (Menu > Camera > Add/Search > select the new camera from the list and press > Match Code). Then unplug the network cable that links recorder and camera. That it. Wirelessly done.

Best Wireless CCTV camera outdoor

Best Wireless CCTV Camera Outdoor & Indoor

With a small budget, you buy and install Max 9 of this best wireless CCTV camera outdoor or indoor. The camera comes with adjustable sunshield. Just move it forward to protect over exposure from extreme sunshine. Built-in LED lights gives you 30 Metres of night vision in complete darkness. It is equivalent to nearly 100 feet. Night vision sensors are turning on and off automatically according to the environment lighting. 5 Megapixel sensor gives you the super HD experience. This wireless CCTV camera also have very flexible leg joint. You can point the camera easily to any direction even after installation.

Wireless CCTV system

CCTV DVR Recorder

You will link your wireless CCTV camera to a wireless router, and the recorder will then connect physically to the router. Life has become very easy with CCTV DVR Recorder when connected to a Wifi router. The recorder connects to WIFI router so you will be able to connect your wireless cameras to the recorder through the WIFI router. If you want to make the device online and remotely view your property you need to connect an Ethernet cable from the recorder to your home router. This is a wireless CCTV system with a hard drive option. If you are thinking to have an ultra-long recording period, boost the HDD to a max of 8TB capacity. It will record for months and months.

Wireless CCTV system with built-in connection

Wireless CCTV System with Every Connection Built-in

This wireless CCTV system comes fully equipped. Every expansion you ever need is built-in. With both HDMI and VGA video output connections on the back, you have achieve dual video streaming by play footage on two monitors or TV simultaneously. With 1 channel audio output connection, you can plug a external speaker to the wireless CCTV system to play sound. With powerful processor, you can potentially connect up to 9x Wireless CCTV Cameras. One USB socket in the front for the mouse. Network port connects to a router or switch for mobile remote access.

Wireless CCTV system with built-in connection

WiFi Enabled Cameras Seamlessly Connect

The wireless CCTV cameras and recorder has universal compatibility with common wifi routers & modems. Brands including Cisco, D-Link, BT, Virgin, Netgear, Linksys, TP-Link and many more. It can work standalone without any additional special equipment. Our wireless home CCTV systems come with a 3 dBi strong wireless signal. Under perfect condition with no obstacle, the signal can reach as far as 300 metres. WiFi Cameras Seamlessly Connect & Record with additional Wifi network. Everything makes it the best wifi CCTV camera UK has ever imported.

Remote Access with Mobile, Tablet or Computer

By a simple step, you can watch footage on all smart device such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones, PC, computers, web browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox. With Advanced CMS software, you can view your CCTV footage remotely anywhere in the world from this smart home CCTV wifi kit. As long as your cameras are connected to your router, you don't need any other equipment to have this working. Making this the best wireless CCTV system for home.

Super HD CCTV System with Sharp Image

Super HD with 5 million pixels is taken every security video frame, making every frame crispy and sharp without losing any important details. This wireless CCTV camera streamings at 5MP which is 5 times sharper and clearer than the 960H analogy system. Making this the best wireless CCTV system for home compare to a traditional analog system.

Wireless CCTV Cameras with Great Night vision

These wireless CCTV cameras are equipped with a 5MP Sensor that produces more than 5 million pixels. The extreme performance gives you a boosted 5MP Super HD quality. This wireless CCTV camera with night vision has built-in LED light bulbs, it enhances its night vision up to 30 Metres (100 Ft). Gives you great vision during complete darkness. 2.8mm broad lens captures very wide angle. The camera can capture dramatically larger frames than the traditional broad lens. A coloured image sensor means all of your recordings during day time is going to be recorded in true colour. UNLIKE some old system that comes only with mono.

Wireless CCTV Camera Outdoor & Indoor

All cameras that come with the kit are vandal-proof. Metal casing and solid structure design protect your camera from vandalism. if you looking for the best wireless CCTV system for your home, you will need 180-degree flexibility. These wireless CCTV cameras are super flexible. You can point to any direction when you fix it on the wall or ceiling, vertically or horizontally. Enhance your camera with 180 degrees of viewing angle. Seamless finish protects your camera from ever-changing British weather making this the best wireless CCTV camera outdoor.

Future Proof Wireless CCTV system for Home

This wireless CCTV system can link a maximum of 9 IP or Wireless CCTV Cameras at the same time with real-time recording. If you wish to split the monitor into 9 camera view, it takes care of it with ease. A maximum of 8TB of HDD can be installed inside this wireless CCTV system. H265+ Wireless CCTV Cameras and Recorders ensure any expansion in the future is permitted with a highly efficient compression rate. Making powerful home Wifi CCTV system future proof with maximum 5MP Super HD recording capacity.

Smart Motion Detection Wireless CCTV System

You have the choice to blank out part of the scene that are not important to you. Draw one or multiple squares in the setting, your wireless CCTV system will ignore the motion in those areas and will not trigger the alert. Get a mobile notification when it detects motion in your scene. Your wireless CCTV system will recognise movements such as when someone walks through the gate, a car drives through, the front door opened and so on. Utilise the extremely flexible scheduling preference. Tell the wireless CCTV system what time of the day, or which day of the week to record, sleep, alert. No unnecessary alerting during the time you are there, no unnecessary recording when you don't need it. Alternatively, you can just turn it on 24/7.

Highly Expandable Wireless CCTV System

With advanced software and hardware integration. These wireless home CCTV systems come with great expandability. If you decide to replace a wireless CCTV camera and the camera is audio enabled with a microphone, you can listen to the CCTV footage through the app. If you connect a PTZ camera to the recorder, you can control the pan, title and zoom in the app. Our wireless home CCTV systems come easy to use GUI. If you want CCTV footage to be recorded into your phone. Just press the in-app recording button. If something happens while you out about? Simply swipe the timeline on the app to rewind the CCTV footage. Cleverly adjust the image quality or streaming smoothness to adaptor your mobile signal strength. Setting up our wireless home CCTV systems is also straight forward, Conveniently scan the QR code to link your app with the CCTV DVR Recorder connected to WIFI router.

100% Customer Satisfaction

With high customer satisfaction, this is easily the best wireless CCTV system for homeowners. We Domar, ensure to bring you the best price and top quality for this product. We are rated as one of the favourite suppliers of UK installers, homeowners and business for security equipment. All our product comes with a minimum of a 1-year warranty. A strong team of after-sales support ensures you never left alone if you can't set it up.

More Information
ConditionBrand New
CCTV Product TypeKit
Max Recorder Channel4 Channel
Power SourceDC
Max HDD Size Per Slot8TB
Max HDD Capacity8TB
Night Vision30M
Recording Resolution5MP
System TypeIP, Wireless
Cameras Included1, 2, 3, 4
Face RecognitionNo
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